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What's In A Name

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Author C. R. Lord (see our Lord) believes there is plenty in a name if that name points people to the Lord. The publisher wanted me to use my own name on the book rather than a pen name, but I didn't want my name on the book, and prayed that the Lord would give me a pen name that would point people to the Lord instead. As you can see in the first sentence of this paragraph, the Lord did just that. Praise belongs to him alone, and that was the reason I asked for a name pointing to him and not me. That doesn't make me more or less spiritual but is simply where my heart is concerning that matter.

That being said; I welcome all who come here in the blessed name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray that you will receive a blessing 

from the Lord as you visit this portion of the site and read what is offered here.  As you can see from the picture above my wife Beverly and I have been richly blessed, and the Lord continues to pour out blessings as we are expecting another grandchild in the month of January of 2018 and another in May 2018 which will be the tenth and eleventh grandchild in our growing family. We currently have four boys and four girls among

our grandchildren - at least for now.  Update:  As of 12/3/2019 we have seven boys and six girls.

I will be offering a variety of samples of my writing which will represent the categories that are in the book itself. The categories covered in the 

book are Jesus and God, The Body of Christ, Babies and Children, The things of life, Epic Poetry, Miscellaneous Poetry, and some Non-Poetic writings. The sampling will be a random selection from these categories intended to bless those who read them and perhaps challenge the 

readers as well. Currently the samples available are scattered through the site under various headings.  As you move your cursor over the drop down menu you will notice a particular selection of poetry under those headings.  The quick links menu on the right of each page also has links 

to poetry.  

If you have any comments or questions concerning the book or the author; feel free to fill in the contact form on this site. I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Thank you for making time to visit.  It is my deepest desire that you receive the richest of all God's blessings that are immediately needed in your life.  Below is my introductory poem in the book to clarify why I write at all.  To God alone be all glory, honor and praise!


Should praise be given for a gift,

That God alone can give?

Yes, but to God be all the praise,

As long as we shall live.

For he is worthy of our praise,

Our God, and him alone,

So friend, direct your praise to him,

For of it I'll have none.

He made my mind and heart to see,

When they were blind by sin.

He gave the peace that teaches me,

To have deep peace within.

So, if what's written here can bless,

Your life when things look dim.

Just lift a grateful heart above,

And give the praise to him.

C. R. Lord © 7/17 2007