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Christianity - What is It

Christianity – What is It?

8/28/2010 – Revised 9/9/2013

Acts 11:26 - "And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch."

There are fairly many who believe that anyone who is a Catholic, Mormon, Protestant, Jehovah's Witness or any other group that calls itself Christian is a Christian, which is an all-too-common and serious mistake.

Let me make it clear what I believe a real genuine Christian is. A genuine Christian knows that he is unworthy of the name Christian because he is keenly aware of his wickedness and very thankful for the grace of God that saved him from his own vile wickedness and spiritual death. Prior to becoming a Christian this person was deeply sorry for his offenses against a just and holy God, coming with a heart of repentance asking God to forgive him for those offenses. God fulfilled his promise to that person by forgiving him of his sin and washing his sin away through the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for him on Calvary. Because of this wonderful mercy he lives to love, honor and serve the Lord through the remainder of his life on earth and all throughout eternity.

This person hates evil and spurns the temptations of the devil. He loves all mankind of every race and creed including his enemies because God has commanded it and more so becausehe wants to obey God. He no longer travels in the worldly circles that he used to and because of 

this his old friends think of him as a madman who needs their help to get back to "normal." They have no idea that he is really the normal one and they are blind to the spiritual truth and reality that has captured his heart, mind and soul.

This person refuses to kill others or harm anyone in any way.   He loves to do anything he can to alleviate suffering in the world and prays for and reaches out to others so that they may know the love of Christ who died a brutal death in their place and resurrected to give them eternal life.   He finds great joy in doing this and even greater joy when a person comes to Christ for salvation!   He understands that it's God alone who can do the transforming work in anyone and gives God the glory!

This person is hated in some places, and that fulfills the words of Jesus Christ himself when he said, "You are not of this world even as I am not of this world therefore men will hate you as they hated me. Is the servant greater than his master? If they hated me, they will hate you 

also because you testify of the world that their works are evil."

Christianity that is genuine could never be a cold, dead way of life because it's an intimate, personal relationship with the only real God in the universe.  It is a powerful relationship that gives the real Christian peace and victory no matter what he faces in life, and nothing can take that away from him except his own doubts.

Seekers need to find a Christian who will help them get past their lack of spiritual understanding so that they can see what must be done to gain forgiveness from God and enter into this wonderful and ultimately fulfilling relationship.

Without it men will remain in darkness both now and throughout eternity in suffering and regret with no hope of escape.   Believe it now because you will certainly believe it when you find yourself face to face with a perfect, holy God who will not show mercy on those who spurn 

his offer of grace that cost his Only Begotten Son his life.  Your eternity depends on the choice you make.  This is far too important to put off until some other day for no man knows what  a day will bring.  We are not promised tomorrow.  Today is the day is of salvation. All of us are

only one breath away from eternity!

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