C R Lord Ministry
C R Lord Ministry
Where Jesus Christ Is Exalted Above All Persons And All Things
C R Lord Ministry
C R Lord Ministry
Where Jesus Christ Is Exalted Above All Persons And All Things

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i'm c. r. lord the creator of this ministry site...  c. r. lord is my pen name...

The picture to the left is who I actually am.

I'm generally pretty laid back and easy to talk to but when it comes to the things of God I get my serious on and focus because there is nothing more important on earth than knowing Jesus Christ and serving him, so helping others come to know him or helping to strengthen their walk with him is serious business, but it can also be fun.  

I promise you that I will never lie to anyone or deceive them because I am convinced that God demands truth in all things.  The Bible renounces lying and people who delight in deceiving others.  I'm in lock step with that.  

my life as a christian is a wonderful gift

Before I came to know Jesus as my Savior and Lord I was an unsavory individual involved in a lot of evil things.  Years of sinful living became years of drunken living and drugs and eventually drug dealing and jail.  I was not grossly evil but I was evil enough.  Rather than expand on that I'll just say that Satan had me by the neck and wasn't letting go.  The arrest and jail time was a great blessing in disguise.  The time I had in jail paused my life for a while so I could actually take an inventory of my life for the first time.  It was that inventory that led to Jesus.

this site was created as a love gift for jesus

Pretty much everyone, including my mom, gave up on me and thought I would never amount to anything.  None of my family knew about the mercy God offered to us through Christ's sacrifice on the cross.  I was quite content getting high seven days a week except once when I tried to kill myself over the loss of a young woman I felt I was in love with.  Now I understand that only God offers the love we all need and he is teaching me how to love in the holy way that he does - expecting nothing in return.  Read the C R Lord Autobiography while you are visiting here to see the whole story of God's great mercy in forgiving me and totally transforming my life now and forever.  

what purpose does this ministry site serve for those who come here?

The First Reason

This site exists to bring honor and glory and praise to Jesus Christ above all persons and all things in life.  There is only one unique individual in the universe who came to earth to rescue mankind from their own self destructive ways.  This is the preeminent purpose of this site and always will be it's reason for existence.

The Second Reason

This site exists in the belief that God will draw men to himself who are lost and without hope and in bondage to sin.  It is to bring to them a message of mercy and grace so they might understand their wicked condition and repent of 

it and trust Jesus Christ to save them from their own self-destructive ways and find peace forever.

The Third Reason

This site exists so that those who call themselves Christians will be encouraged, challenged and motivated to live their lives in such a way that they will not bring shame to the Lord who saved them.  It exists so that they might love the Lord and desire to serve him for the sake of others and to give him the reward of his suffering.

The Fourth Reason

Finally, this site exists to call men from false religion and ideology that has no promise of lasting peace and is a parasite on the souls of mankind; promising much but giving so little compared to the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is a challenge to study and compare whether what you believe is more fulfilling than knowing Jesus.

Why is part of this site a membership site? - i'll be totally honest!

The First Thing I Want People To Understand Is...

The first thing I want people to understand is that money is not a motivating factor for me unless it is necessary to generate more to sustain us in our retirement.  My wife and I are retired and we have Social Security plus nothing so it became necessary for us to find ways to generate more income.

The Second Important Factor is...

The second important factor is that I am 77 years of age, and even though my brain is sharp, my body isn't in the best of condition so coupling age with my physical infirmities eliminates a vast group of potential job opportunities outside the home.  Finding jobs I can do online hasn't panned out yet so I made a choice.

I Am A Published Author So...

I recently joined two sites to promote my writing and see if I could get some results, and several of my articles got comments but none of them made a nickel so far so until that venue brings in some cash I have to find other ways until that pays something.  The ministry site was my only other possible source.

Most Of The Site Is Free...

Most of the site is free and has been since 2013. So I have added some content I believe is valuable and would be of use to Christians or non Christians who teach, build web sites, create blogs or memes and would purchase a membership.  Memberships would help pay to maintain this site and help us.

Please use the comment box provided below to express appreciation for this site. 

 I encourage you to read previous comments about how this site has blessed others. 

Thank you for visiting, and I pray you were richly blessed as you visit here.