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The picture above is comprised of seven pretenders who had many of us fooled into supporting them.  It's a source of grief to me and many other patriots from all walks of life to find out, after years of treachery and deceit, that these people, that millions of us trusted, sold out America and Americans at one time or the other, and perhaps all were instrumental in the promotion of a New World Order.  In 

their New World Order America would lose its sovereignty and Americans would lose their freedoms.  This page should serve as a lesson to all people worldwide, but especially Americans.   We've been taken down a rosy path for decades that would eventually lead us into a tyrannical government would be ruled by a few power and money hungry people who believe themselves to be elite above all men and worthy to rule the world.  All these leaders and many more in America's past and present are part of an incredible and nearly unbelievable scheme, and to divert any narrative but the one they sought to impose on us.  They started to label people who challenged their narrative "conspiracy theorists," and millions of us lined up in agreement with that label.  President Donald J Trump won an election that he was slated to lose, at least according to their plans, and immediately set out to expose decades of corruption and these enemies of America hated him and attacked him with everything they had.  He made them look like fools.  Now people are being made fully aware of the duplicity of these people and others including the illegitimate actor in the White House, Joe Biden and his playmates.  Their exposure and demise will be coming.    

George Bush, Sr. Calls For A New World Order

I always thought George H W Bush was an honorable president until I saw and understood this video.  I am pleasantly surprised to be able to find it on You Tube.  I was sure they would take it down because it reveals the plans of this man and his "elitist friends" to take America down a path we definitely do not want to go.  I then uncovered other information equally damning that I will include through the link below.  If all the information contained in the indictment below is true it would show George H W Bush to be a despicable human being who should have been found out, exposed publicly after being tried and sentenced.  I don't think that was the case.

The Dallas Morning News reports George H W Bush's 1990 call for a New World Order
The claims in this indictment are shocking. If you find it to be in error let me know.

Bill Clinton Agrees With G H W Bush On NWO 

As a Christian I couldn't respect William J Clinton because he disgraced the office of president, got caught and never was willing to deal with it as a man.  Further, I was upset that a man representing our government to the world would be an adulterer in the very office he was supposed to use to bring honor to America and Americans. Since that escapade I have learned things about both Bill and Hillary that have been eye opening and shocking.  Some of it has not come out yet, but when it does it will shock the world  Epstein's Island is a small part of that.

Bill Clinton Went to Jeffrey Epstein's Island With 2 'Young Girls
Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet more than previously known

Both this log above and the one to the left are proof of Bill Clinton flying on the Lolita Express that took people to and from Epstein's Island.  It is clear that he was going to the island but his purpose must be found in other reliable and credible sources.

Look Over This Plan.  How Did They Do

This plan was given through those who seek world domination through a New World Order.  Barack was to finish off the first half of the plan.  The enemies of America domestic and foreign were certain Hillary was going to win the election but everyone knows how that went.  We should all be on our knees thanking God that the attempt to fix the election for her failed miserably.  Look over the second half of the plan devised to destroy America from within.  President Trump destroyed this and now, with Biden in office, they are rushing to catch up and will fail.