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Some Thoughts On Prayer

My Favorite Saying On Prayer

"There are only two times to pray -- when you feel like it and when you don't."

Before you pray

1. Prepare your heart and mind by reading and meditating on God's Word and God Himself.

2. Don't just go into God's presence to throw out your shopping list and then run before he has a chance to speak to you.

3. Get quiet in his presence. You can't hear him if you are doing all the talking.

4. Cast down imaginations and bring home your roving thoughts.

5. Consider carefully who it is that you are speaking to. God is not your buddy or pal.

He is the holy one that inhabits eternity. He is the supreme entity in all the universe both

in time and in eternity. He is holy and pure and perfect in all his ways. He is to be held in

fear and awe and reverence. He is also a loving father who disciplines as well as heals.

Miscellaneous thoughts on prayer

If you would never cease to pray then never cease to long for it.

A major obstacle to prayer is a good opinion of ourselves. We are to humble ourselves in the presence of God and acknowledge that apart from him there is no good in us.

Prayer to God is the noblest exercise and the loftiest effort of man. Don't minimize it.

Prayer is the soul's life blood. It is in his presence that we find all we need to continue on.

Other Helpful thoughts

Pray where you are. God is always present and ready to listen.

Pray alone in a private spot whenever you can.

Pray with praise and thanksgiving for what God has done and will do.

Pray for forgiveness if you have sinned.

Pray for others and your own needs and that God's will be done in all things.

Quotes on Prayer

1. "He stands best who kneels most." -- D. L. Moody

2. "It matters not how oft you kneel in attitude of prayer so true

Unless inside where no man sees your very soul is kneeling too." -- Mary L. O'Hara

3. "No man is greater than his prayer life." -- Leonard Ravenhill

4."To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without

breathing." -- Martin Luther

5. "It is better to have a heart without prayer than prayer without a heart." -- John Bunyan

6. "Prayer is where the action is." -- John Wesley

7. "I pray to start my day and finish it with prayer." -- Tim Tebow