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President Donald J. Trump

A Business Man - Not A Politician

For myself, I praise the Lord for this awesome man who I believe history will remember as the greatest President ever who stands tall above all presidents before him. It will take an amazing man to rise above this man whose love for America, our Constitution and the citizens of America

is without parallel to my knowledge having lived in America as a natural citizen for nearly 78 years. President Trump is far from being a paragon of virtue, but his brilliant mind, relentless pursuit of his goals and incredible energy are exceptional. I am convinced that few men in history could have stayed with him as he worked to turn this nation around while making it great again.

Below is a photo that I believe expresses the thoughtful President that he is looking outside of the room to the world beyond as the great visionary that he was. He excelled in office just as he did in his business pursuits and he was an unstoppable force. In the second photo he is doing what he 

did better than any president before him; changing the rules by eliminating tons of wasteful and extravagant spending, cutting down unnecessary regulations, passing laws and doing everything within his power to benefit the people of America and bring prosperity and peace to world chaos.


The Presidents Promises And Expectations

Donald J. Trump is a business man who was highly successful in building buildings.  He wasn't interested in just any buildings but in strong structures that would stand the test of time and span continents for a long time to come.  His buildings were quite grandiose, impressive and, above all, structurally sound.  His expertise would propel him to the status of multi-billionaire, yet those who worked with him had nothing but 

good to say about him.  He was a man who treated employees as friends and family according to the testimonies of the employees themselves.  He is a man who would give to anyone in need at any time without compulsion except an inner compulsion that was prompted by compassion for others.  Just so I don't make him sound too good , he had setbacks in his life just like everyone else.  The most obvious contentious issue for many foes and supporters was his multiple marriages.  I personally believe that issue belongs in the past and falls under the heading of his own business unless he chooses to share his views about it.  I am sure that he has other flaws just like all of us, and I am certain that most of us would like those things that tend to embarrass us to remain hidden to most people.  Because he is a public figure of great importance the attacks on him are more in number and more intense and often exaggerated to a high degree.

In spite of all the attacks against him and his family by his enemies he is a good husband, father, provider, worker, employer, and president. That 

is not just my opinion.  It is the obvious outward words, actions and endurance obvious to those who aren't planning against him.  He has certainly accomplished an amazing amount of good for America and has kept his campaign promises and at a pace that sometimes seems super human.  Below are links to prove his work is astounding.  What is presented on these websites was done the first 4 years in the face of many attacks.