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The Jesus Inn

I arrived at the Jesus Inn very early in the morning. When we stopped there before, they told us they locked their doors at night, so I thought I would have to wake somebody up to get in. I tried the door first to make sure, and it was open. I think it was about two or three in the morning whenI arrived. I went in, locked the door, laid down on the couch and went to sleep.

The next morning the residents of the home came downstairs and proceeded to do what they normally do as if I had already lived there or had been there all along. One of the men told me that Philip, the leader of the house wanted to talk with me. I went upstairs and he was looking out the window, and without turning he said to me, Where have you been? I expected you to be here about two weeks ago. That was about the same time period that the voices had come to me in California, and it was a confirmation from the Lord that I was to be there. A lot of heavy things happened to me in that place. I will share the ones I can remember.

One night as I was getting ready for bed, I took off my trousers and laid them neatly on the chair provided next to my bunk bed and laid down. I felt myself drifting off to sleep and then I suddenly had a vision of a black shield above me coming down toward my face, and as it got closer to me I could feel my breath leaving my body and was having great difficulty breathing. The closer the shield got to my face the more difficult it was to breath. I tried to cry out, but I could not. I knew that if I could not wake up I would die. Then another vision appeared behind my head. It was a cave,and five letters were coming out of it and they were very small so that I could not read them. As they got bigger I saw the letters J E S U S. The next thing I knew was that I was sitting up in my bunk with my hands trembling and shouting the name of Jesus. While the shield was coming down I felt a chill around me that seemed like the grip of death. It was cold like I had never experienced before. After I yelled out the name of Jesus the area around my bed was warm and the peace came back to me.

I went to the elders of the house and told them what happened. They told me that I had a demonic attack on my life. Then they prayed for me and told me what to do if it happened again. I returned to the room to find a very strange thing happening. The warmth was still around my bed, but the person in the bunk above me was tossing and turning and the chill was by his bed, and I knew that he was experiencing the same thing I had just gone through. I placed my hands over his bunk and instantly commanded the spirits in the name of Jesus Christ to get out and stay out. Right after that the man on the bunk above me became totally calm and went back to sleep and the entire room became warm like my bed below. That was my first time ever encountering and fighting demons.

Another time I was living away from the house and working a job.  I began to be tempted in the area of sex and started getting into masturbation.  It was very strong and I could not get control over it. I prayed and asked God for help me overcome this lust, and he answered in a way that was amazing.  One of the brothers from the Jesus Inn came and knocked on my door.  He told me that he was having the same problem that I was having with masturbation and that God told him to come to me and tell me that if we would pray for one another God would forgive us and give us power over the temptation. We knelt on my apartment floor and prayed for one another and the power of God came down in that room and released us to the point that we were so joyful that we danced and sang praises all around the room for a while.

There was one more experience that taught me a lesson in the Jesus Inn. I was away working one day and came to the Inn to fellowship with the brothers. When I arrived there the door was wide open, there was food cooking on the stove, the table was set for supper, and yet there was nobody in the house. I began to have great fear that I had missed the rapture. I was so frightened at first that I didn't know what to do. Finally I decided to go to the second house of the ministry in the hopes that there would be someone there. When I arrived I saw the same scenario and nobody was around. I was really beginning to be frightened when suddenly I heard voices and all the brothers from both houses came walking down the steps. I was very relieved as you might well expect. What happened was that one of the brothers had gotten very sick and so everyone took time out to come and pray for him. I guess they figured that God would take care of supper and the houses until they got back because he did just that.

I remember being in a prayer meeting one night while I was staying at the Jesus Inn, and a lady began to pray over me, and told me that God was going to use me to do something mighty, something big. This happened to me again later after graduating Bible college and going to a ministry in upstate New York.

We serve a miracle working God who loves us far more than we know or understand.  After I left the Jesus Inn, I returned to Sunbury, Pennsylvania. I don't know the exact dates that I stayed there, or when I returned to Sunbury, but that is not important. When I returned to Sunbury, I was hired to work at Ott's Packaging in Selinsgrove, and I would get up at four in the morning, read my Bible and pray until six and catch a bus to work. After work I would go and get something to eat and then hit the streets and evangelize until early morning.  In those days the Lord granted me supernatural rest and strength because I know in myself I never could have worked the hours I worked and evangelized the hours I did with the little sleep I got. The time of street evangelizing would lead me to the next phase of my Christian experience and then my wonderful wife,  Beverly.

                                            These are some of the brothers from the Jesus Inn