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 The Great Awakening


What I am about to present on this page uncovers an event spanning decades. The information below has long been attacked as "just one more conspiracy theory," and as such was ignored or shunned by a lot of Americans. That is exactly what the enemies of our nation wanted so they 

could continue their subversive work against America unfettered. That plan worked well for the time being, but the recent election of a non political President has destroyed their game and put terror into the hearts of our enemies. This is no longer "just one more conspiracy theory" because evidence has mounted from our sources worldwide that will stun anyone who can consider the possibility that we all have been duped into ignoring a great peril to our nation and one that was intended to enslave us and our children and grandchildren for a long, long time. Let's continue.  

Hillary Clinton tagged all who opposed her election as "The Deplorables" among other titles that were not flattering.  She believed that she alone had the right to ascend to the oval office and that anyone who opposed her was out of touch with how things should occur.  Obviously she was 

and still is wrong because the voting public thought different and voted Donald Trump into office to guide this nation. This was a crushing blow 

for reasons more far reaching than anyone knew at the time except for President Trump, military intelligence and a group of patriots called anons.

Donald Trump's Inaugural speech told us that it was not about government but that it was about returning the power to the people of this country where it belonged.  Those words seethed in the hearts of his detractors because for decades people working within our nation felt they were in a position to achieve a decades old dream of establishing a New World Order, but now an outsider stood firmly in their way.  Donald Trump was 

not a politician, democrat, not a republican, and not in with the in crowd.  He is the antithesis of those and more because he was a businessman who loves our Constitution, our citizens and our nation and was willing to make all the sacrifices necessary to turn around what had been a major catastrophe heading downhill at blazing speed.  President Trump was chosen by God's mercy to withstand the onslaught of evil fomenting in America and to spur a great awakening among the citizens of America who stood strongly for the red, white and blue.  President Trump came with a slogan; "Make America Great Again" (MAGA).  He believed with everything in him that this nation could become greater and stronger and more prosperous than ever in its history, and he set about to make it happen.  Supported by military intelligence in chorus with patriots who were tasked with a mission to awaken sleeping Americans to a plan intended to destroy our Republic and our Constitution, President Trump initiated a plan to take back America from those across the world who worked feverishly for decades to destroy her.. 

This odds of Donald Trump getting elected were astronomical.  His detractors were a multitude including democrats and republicans, every 

major media source, world leaders, national leaders within our government, Hollywood actors and actresses, some in the music profession, 

Twitter, Facebook, Google and You Tube and other social media platforms, and massive financial gifts from some of the richest people in the 

world including Wealthy Saudi Arabian magnates, George Soros and the Rothschild family.  He was given no chance to win except for the one thing that these traitors and schemers underestimated; the American Patriot.  Donald Trump appealed to all the people who loved freedom 

and our Republic and promised to fight for them at whatever cost.  A message not heard in a long time resonated with millions of Americans 

tired of the "rat race" we had been subjected to that killed hope and enslaved us, and millions turned out to vote for the salvation of our nation 

from the evil of globalism.   THE GREAT AWAKENING HAD BEGUN!

Some Valuable Resources Dealing With This Awakening

Below are some excellent resources that explain more about this tremendous historical event and about Q; a modern day phenomen that is 

turning the tide in the battle for America.  These are credible and important for those who have not yet been awakened to the threat we all face.  

First of all I would refer you to a man whose prophecies support this great awakening.  The man is Mark Taylor who was told by the Lord in 2011 that Donald Trump would be president.  He has a You Tube account for now that offers prophecies.  Some have already come to pass and others speak of the not too distant future.  What he presents will not be found in the newspapers that serve the opposition and the You Tube accounts 

that speak of the great awakening are currently facing a possible shut down and the enemies of our nation are in panic mode and have no other recourse but to shut off the message in any way they can even if it is illegal to do. 


The following links are to excellent articles about the qanon phenomenon for any person who is not aware of what Q is about and how Q works with the president.

WARNING:  If any of the links to social media platforms or articles I post produce warnings, so-called accounts being investigated and etc.  chances are more than good it is corrupt social media that is corrupt; not the account I send you to. 

https://www.martingeddes.com/q-is-military-intelligence-so-pay-attention/ - A great, well-articulated article by Martin Geddes you should read.



The following site has already shut down posts having anything to do with Q 

The following social media have done the same as Reddit:
Google/You Tube 

There will only be a couple of sources left on the internet to get news about Q and what is happening in the world because the major news media will not report any of this.  Their last gasp is for a democratic sweep in the soon coming elections.  They want to control the news and keep people blind to what is happening.  The President and the Military Intelligence will not allow this and so a site has been prepared in the event these sites should illegally block patriots.  The site is run by a patriot and information will be distributed from there.  To access the Q posts please click on the picture of the cannon after the page opens for you.

Sites to go to for military intelligence are