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The "Ologies"

The Ologies Will Be Available as I am able to post them

This is an introductory page to introduce what I shall designate as the "ologies" which basically refers to the system of Christian belief on any number of tenets or doctrines of the Christian faith.

Please observe the following dealing with the ologies::

1.Theology - This is the doctrine of God in the narrow sense. The word theology stems from the Greek Theos (God) and Logos (Word). In the broader sense it is all Christian doctrines that deal with the relation that God has to the universe. 

2. Bibliology - This is the study of the theological doctrine of the Bible itself which lends credence to the divine inspiration and authority of the scriptures contained in the Bible.

3.Pneumatology - This is the doctrine concerning the Holy Spirit and deals with his person, his  work and his teaching as one member of the Godhead.  

4.Hamartiology - This is the doctrine of sin, temptation, man's relations to these things and his accountability for the sins in his life.

5. Christology - This is the doctrine of Christ including his person, his advent and his life on earth as well as all that is relevant to his purpose in coming to redeem fallen mankind.  It is further the revelation that Jesus Christ is exclusive among all beings to exist and deity as well. 

6. Soteriology - This is the doctrine of Salvation dealing with the atonement for sin that reconciles man with God and delivers him from his natural bent to evil.

7.Anthropology - This is part of Christian doctrine because man's physical existence, character and spirit is the work of God apart from whom nothing would exist in all creation.

8. Kneeology - This really isn't a doctrine but it is an attempt to understand prayer and praying for those who struggle with it.  It is intended to be 

an exhortation and an encouragement.  It is quite noteworthy that prayer is vital to sustaining Christian life, and yet is not taught as a class in many Christian institutions but exists as a great need that everyone confesses they are not good at.  It seems to me that there should be some kind of teaching in all Christian circles if we value prayer.  

This is not an all encompassing collection but what is presented here will prove beneficial for those who love digging deeper than the surface concerning Christian teaching and what it entails.  Neither is this a language study, but my own personal study in college which will benefit all who will apply it.  I make no claims to be proficient in any of the Bible languages. That is the work of those who have gone before me and can be easily found on the internet.  I don't have any formal training in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek.