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The Homosexual Agenda

Nothing ever comes on the national scene suddenly. Either most or all of what appears on your television screen, in music and the movies and 

in all media has been carefully and meticulously orchestrated for years before it "suddenly" trumpets its arrival in America and around the world. 

The ground has been carefully laid and the work behind the scenes has been so clandestine and illicit that few if any people realize what's coming until it arrives. Gay rights didn't just show up overnight. It's been planned carefully for years!



"In the 1987 issue of Gay Community News gay revolutionary, Mark Swift wrote and essay stating; "We shall sodomize your sons...we shall 

seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms...in your youth groups... Your sons shall become 

our minions and do our bidding...They shall come to crave and adore us. All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked. Instead legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men. Our writers and artists will make love between men fashionable..We shall raise vast private armies..to defeat you. The family unit..will be abolished. Perfect boys will be conceived and grown in the genetic laboratory. All churches who condemn us will be closed. Our only gods are handsome young men. All males who insist on remaining stupidly heterosexual will be tried in homosexual courts of justice and will become invisible men. Tremble, hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks." (1)  

"On March 16, 1988 the San Francisco Chronicle, in an article by Adrian Peracchio, cited an outrage in Britain at a publication by local municipal councils of Jenny lives with Eric and Martin a graphically illustrated pamphlet showing a cherubic little girl smiling at her father, naked in bed with his live-in gay lover.  The above book appeared in local school libraries alongside  How To Be A Happy Homosexual and The Child's Playbook 

Of Sex, two other publicly financed pamphlets in which homosexual themes were explicitly treated. Britain clearly leads America in the official promotion of "alternate lifestyles....."  (2)

"Meanwhile, through the 80's and beyond, as AIDS infection and death rates skyrocketed with each passing year, high profile figures were dying   of the disease, including actor Rock Hudson in 1985, ABC News Anchor Max Robinson in 1988 and ballet superstar Rudolf Nureyev in 1993.  

During this time the public experienced two distinct and widespread reactions to the AIDS epidemic.  One was the natural sympathy evoked by witnessing the terrible suffering and death of AIDS victims.  But the other, if less politically correct, was fear and loathing of homosexuals." (3)

In February 1988 some 175 leading activists representing homosexual groups from across the nation held a conference in Warrenton, Virginia to map out their movement's future.  Shortly thereafter, activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen put into book form the comprehensive public relations plan they had been advocating with their gay-rights peers for several years.  Kirk and Madsen...........were smart guys -- very smart. Together they wrote "After the Ball; How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90's."  Kirk and Madsen's war goal, explains marketing expert Paul E Rondeau of Regent University,was to force acceptance of homosexual culture into the mainstream, to silence opposition, and ultimately to convert American society." (4)

"..........homosexual activists call their movement "gay rights."  This accomplishes two major objectives; (1) Use of the word gay rather than homosexual masks the controversial behavior involved and accentuates instead a vague but positive-sounding cultural identity; gay, which, after all, once meant happy; and (2) describing their battle from the get-go as one over 'rights' implies homosexuals are being denied the basic freedoms of citizenship that others enjoy.  So merely by using the term gay rights and persuading politicians and the media to adopt this terminology, activists seeking to transform America have framed the terms of the debate in their favor almost before the contest begins, (And in public relations warfare, he who frames the terms of the debate almost always wins.)"  (5)

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Below are direct quotes from " After the Ball: How America will conquer it's fear and hatred of gays   in the 90's" written by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen in 1989 two professional marketing agents      

I have their words beside me and will be quoting directly from the book itself.  There can be no mistaking the insidious intent of the authors to change the mindset of the world  ."First you get your foot in the door, by being as similar as possible; then and only then               when your one little difference is finally accepted can you start dragging in your other peculiarities, one by one.  You hammer in the wedge narrow end first.  As the saying goes, 'allow the camel's nose beneath your tent, and his whole body will soon follow."

My Comment:  In other words; don't act like yourself, look like yourself, walk like yourself or  Notice the subtlety at the beginning; be as similar (that would be normal), as possible. talk like yourself.  Put on a front so everyone will think you are pretty much like them. This worked 

well and I saw it happen step by step.   Homosexuals would appear to be friendly, polished and well dressed men that society would never think

of as weird or unacceptable. The transgenders, transvestites, and loud, demanding members of the group were to disappear into the background while the nice looking and pleasant sounding were continually pushed forward as the everyday homosexual.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Further subtlety is quickly revealed in the next step shown in their writing.  as acceptance is given to the imposters posing as everyday people  

little by little bring forth the deviants but not all at the same time and not the most repulsive or reprehensible.  You begin by hammering in the wedge with the narrow end first.  In other words, start slow and gradually build up to the absolutely off the cuff homosexuals of every stripe, mannerism and venue.                                                                                                                                                                     


This is where "coming out of the closet begins.  The end result is that gradually and subtly  homosexuality will be accepted as a normal expression of sexuality and life and the aversion would disappear.  The LGBT has ruined the subtle part of their plan and has been so aggressive that instead of winning the population over to their cause has caused even more hostility than every existed before.   Rather than be patient they have lost their patience in spite of a major victory in getting the government to approve of gay marriage.  Now they have become outrageously arrogant as I shared at the beginning of this page when I quoted Tal Brooke concerning the plans that were formulating in the mind of Mark Swift and his friends who distributed his pro homosexual anti heterosexual rant in 1987.


The use of the letter H here designates the word homosexual.

"To desensitize straights, H inundate them with conscious flood of H related advertising, presented in the least offensive fashion.  If straights 

can't shut the shower off they may at least eventually get used to being wet." 

"Propagandistic advertising can depict homophobic and homo hating bigots as crude loud mouths and a**holes -- people who not only say 

'faggot' but 'nigger,' 'kike,' and other shameful epithets who are 'not Christian.'   It can show them being criticized, hated, shunned.  It can 

depict H experiencing horrific suffering as a direct result of homo hatred... The attack, therefore is on self-image and on pleasure in hating."

"In conversion, the bigot, who holds a very negative stereotypical picture, is repeatedly exposed to literal picture/label pairs in magazines and on billboards and TV, of H explicitly labeled as such, who not only do not look like his picture of H, but are carefully selected to look either like the  bigot and his friends, or like any one of his other stereotypes of all-right guys -- the kind of people he already likes and admires.  The image, must of necessity, be carefully tailored to be free of absolutely every element of the widely held stereotypes of how 'fagots' look and dress, and sound. The image must be that of an icon of normality...But it makes no difference to us that the ads are lies; not to us, because we're using them to ethically good effect, to counter negative stereotypes that are every bit as much lies, and far more wicked ones.... The more carefully selected the advertised image is to reflect his ideal of the sort of person who just couldn't be H, the more effective it will be.... Learn from Madison Avenue to  roll out the big guns.....We're talking about propaganda." 

My Comment: Here throughout this quote the writer assumes that the person who rejects homosexual behavior is a "bigot."  It doesn't enter into the mind of the writer that the real bigot is the writer himself.      His carefully crafted plot to coerce people through subtlety of any kind to conform 

to his views is vile and permeated with bigotry.  It's the old pot calling the kettle black thing.  I find it ludicrous that he speaks as if what the 'bigot'  sees as the norm is not normal, and that he needs to be shamed into believing that his view is twisted and the H view is normal.  The telling thing  is that he has no trouble lying because he has swallowed the age old lie that the end justifies the means.    He is ignorant that the end of his game could carry far more consequences than he wants to consider.  Finally he offers a full blown confession that he is a propagandist and that without shame of any kind.  The one factor that he should be concerned with above all is the farthest from his mind -- God.

Here comes the major lynch pin of these spiritual and psychological misfits.  And I quote: "Create one unified national gay organization for tactical purposes."  Obviously that ploy has come to fruition in the LGBT mentioned above. The gay agenda has expanded under this group 

and taken in Transgenders or perhaps they were another part of the ongoing plot to normalize perversion.                              Whatever the case may be it can be readily seen that there is much more to this than meets the eye for the vast bulk of the world.  It remains an insidious attack on morals and normalcy while presenting its practitioners as victims rather than subversive enemies of families in particular and the world as a whole.  

The tragedy in all this isn't whether or not homosexuals win their battle to be acceptable to everyone as normal.  This life is only temporary and  evil will prevail from time to time in various locations throughout the world.  Man has been given free will to oppose God in order to satisfy his rebellious nature and fleshly desires.  But the end will not be pleasant when all mankind of every era appears before a holy God to be judged for their lives and either welcomed into God's eternal kingdom or cast into a lake of fire forever.  Those who die refusing to see things as God does and obeying his commandments concerning sex and all other things done against his laws will be trembling in God's presence knowing as they have never known anything before; clearly and without question that they should've bowed their knee in repentance and turned from their sins 

but their position is irreversible.  The horror of that moment can't be imagined by anyone, but there is hope while a person lives and breathes on 

planet earth.  God made a way for us to repent and escape his wrath and sentence for sin.  Jesus Christ died and resurrected so that unworthy sinners of all kinds can put their faith in the blood shed for them on Calvary, and, humbly asking God to forgive them, can receive full forgiveness of their sins and eternal life. In a place where no sin will ever be allowed to enter forever and love, joy and peace will abound for 

every one of God's people they will find joy that can never be found anywhere else.

If you are in the homosexual or lesbian lifestyle and you are tired of all sin in your life, not just sexual sin; come in sorrow for your sin to God the Father and ask his forgiveness.  Put your faith in the fact that Jesus Christ's sacrifice is payment in full for your sins and believe by faith that he 

did it all for you.  God will receive you and you will be given a witness in your own spirit that you are right with God and free from the penalty of sin.  Then live to serve the Lord with gratitude and thanksgiving and peace now and forever.  It is my most earnest prayer that you will find this wonderful peace today - right now!  In Jesus' name!   

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