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Teen Years And Salvation

I asked Beverly to write a biography and she wrote a very brief a short one as is to be expected.  

Beverly is a quiet, gentle godly woman of few words.  When she does speak people are blessed.

Bev writes; "I began to hang out at the shopping center, especially the bowling alley. I also did some babysitting, and I remember one time I 

was baby sitting my brother Michael and he went out the door and I didn't know it. He walked to the shopping center to find my mom. At that 

time he was only about three or four years old, and I remember that I got into a lot of trouble over that. I felt terrible about it, and I believe it was 

a miracle that he made it safe."

Bev also loved music and dancing. At McNicholas High School in Cincinnati where she attended there were some cliques, but she was not in any of them.  She didn't like high school very much because of those cliques and the fact that she felt isolated. Most of the kids at McNicholas High School lived near the school and spent a lot of time together, but Bev was part of a group of kids that came on the bus and they were treated like outsiders.  

At the age of 15 Bev started dating Larry Jackson, a young man of 17 who she met at the bowling alley.  Her parents didn't like him very much mostly because he had long hair, so Bev had to sneak around and lie to her parents when she wanted to be with Larry.  Larry became the whole

world to Bev during the time they went together.  Bev started smoking cigarettes, then went to partying with friends and smoking marijuana and drinking wine.  In spite of that she felt empty inside knowing that something was missing.  Larry and Bev went together for about five years. 

Bev broke up with Larry when he started going out with someone else.  She went out with a couple of other guys after that and went with them to bars and parties.  

Bev continued on in the party life for another year and a half, and it was during this time that she contemplated killing herself while driving her car. There was a sharp curve coming into Cincinnati and she was thinking of going straight instead of around the curve but she couldn't work up the courage to do it.  Praise the Lord for that! 

One day she encountered an old friend she had partied with and he was totally different.  He had become a Christian, and he invited her to go 

with him to a prayer meeting in someone's home. When she walked into the meeting she noticed that the people there were very different from what she was used to because they all seemed to be so clean and she felt dirty inside when she was in their presence.  She knew she 

didn't belong, but wanted to know what made them different. The Holy Spirit began to show her that she needed God in her life - a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  After the time of Bible Study and prayer she began to pray and had a long session of crying, and when she was through there came an amazing peace that is beyond explanation, and she knew that she was forgiven.  

After that time she began to attend the Friday Bible Studies on a regular basis, and she began to grow in understanding what had happened to 

her, but she also experienced some confusion because she was going to the Catholic church and they didn't teach the same things that she was experiencing and learning.  She was attending the Catholic church on Saturday evenings and then the Protestant church on Sunday mornings and didn't feel right about it, so she made the decision  to just attend the Protestant church, and that decision gave her a peace nearly as sweet as the peace that came when she asked Jesus to forgive her.                                                                                                                                                   

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