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Spiritual Articles

What constitutes a spiritual article?                                 

What makes anything spiritual or, for that matter, carnal or fleshly?  What good would these articles do if someone doesn't believe they have a spiritual side to their life?  What good could these articles do if people who believe they have a spiritual side would come seeking answers to 

long held questions, and they found the answers here?  Why are you reading this?  Are you merely curious?  Do you have unfulfilled hunger 

that you believe can't be quenched apart from something spiritual?  Have you searched year after year to find meaning in life that transcends 

your own meager experience?  Perhaps you are reading this merely to examine what is presented in order to refute it. It may be that you, like 

so many others before you, might come to fight against an idea that you despise only to find it to be the answer you have  longed for all your 

life!  There are so many possibilities, but as a Christian, I strongly believe that we all have a spiritual part to our life which must be addressed.  

So then, anything that I would write would, of necessity, be colored by my particular other worldly view!

Do you find the preceding statement to be offensive? Perhaps you might read it and become incensed with anger; possibly uncontrollable anger.Why?  Could it be that you have had a bad experience in your past concerning spiritual things or those who espouse such things. Perhaps you would apply the overused term "hypocrite" to them or some other term equally as harsh.  Perhaps you are right about them, but it could be 

possible that you have transferred your anger against them onto those who are sincere in their beliefs and not hypocritical at all.  Are  you guilty 

of this or not?  If so, why?  If not, why?  Have you ever considered at all whether you are doing this?  After all, there are many in Christian circles who will claim to be a Christian but live as if they knew nothing about being one if anyone would consider what the biblical idea of a Christian life really should be like.  How about the possibility that the Christian who offended you was young in their faith and were unwise and rash in their uneducated zeal to promote Christ. Could that be what happened when you encountered a Christian?   This could also apply to others who are zealous in their beliefs whether religious or philosophical as well.  This is a very real possibility isn't it?  So, if you want to be honest about  these things you will have to examine every possible motive for your actions and then determine whether or not they can be justified. So these articles in the spiritual section will deal with Biblical themes which can be backed with scripture and/or experiences that I have encountered 

along the way in my spiritual journey.

Be warned that some of these things I have experienced will not fit in with the ideas and presuppositions of non Christians and also some who profess to be Christians as well.  For the non-Christian it is understandable based on scripture because, apart from the redeeming grace of God, they cannot ever truly grasp or understand spiritual knowledge or events.However, there are also some who call themselves Christians who are woefully negligent in examining the claims of Christ, and their spiritual mind has never gone beyond the infant stages of Christianity or any other religion, and it becomes necessary for them to be spoon fed by others who they deem to be in some advanced state of spirituality. Sadly, some of the people they rely on are as immature in spiritual matters as they themselves are fulfilling the words of Jesus Christ when he spoke of "the blind leading the blind."  Does that seem too harsh for you?  Then you would not want to read the words of Christ in Matthew, Chapter 23 where he called out the scribes and Pharisees for their hypocrisy and even went so far as to call them "children of hell" who make their converts twice the children of hell that they themselves are. There are many teachers who will tell people what they  want to hear because they value the praise and adoration of men above the praise that comes from God. You will not find me to be one    of those deceitful teachers because I believe God expects me to be truthful at all costs no matter what men might think, whether    they rejoice in my words or whether they are offended by my words.

None of what I place on this site will be specifically to please people.  Some of the content will be mild and pleasing simply because God's nature is love, and it would be disrespectful of me to present only one side of that holy person and his relationship with mankind.  However, it would be equally ignorant and disrespectful to omit the wrath and judgment part of the biblical equation. To speak only of God's love gives 

people false hope in a benevolent God who never judges and condemns sin and all it entails.  To speak of wrath alone leaves men with a God 

who is somewhat overbearing, frightening and unapproachable, which is a totally false idea.....  As with just about everything in life, there is balance, and that balance is so vitally necessary to presenting spiritual truth that without it we would all be left deceived and without any genuine hope.                                

This site is to inspire the fear of God as well as to call men to reach out for the love, mercy and forgiveness he offers to those who will humble themselves enough to receive it. It is both the fear and love of God that sustains the true Christian. All else is merely illusion leaving men to deal with a God of their own making!

C. R. Lord © 5/19/2010