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Psalm 37:4- "Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." 

This is a favorite scripture of mine and a special promise from God to me personally.

"Thinking rightly about God is imperative to believing right which in turn enables us to live 
to glorify God, which is the highest duty of mankind.  To live for any lesser purpose will never satisfy our deepest longings or meet our deepest needs!"  C. R. Lord 2014

I believe I have finally come to my senses on what is really important
in life. I lived a life with 
wrong thinking or stinking thinking long enough in the past, and the precious experience of salvation in Jesus Christ rearranged everything in my life so radically that I knew beyond all doubt I couldn't have found a more precious treasure if I had searched for a hundred lifetimes.  Now I must live to introduce this wonderful Savior to others so that they might experience the incredible transformation that comes from the sure knowledge that right thinking for anyone begins and ends with knowing Him.  Certainly there are many people who will not share my assessment which would appear radical and perhaps extreme to them, and that is something every individual must decide for themselves. However, in a world where diversity is commonplace we don't have to agree on everything.


The one sticking point in all this belief stuff is that we must be ready to deal with the consequences of what we believe, and, whether or not we choose to accept that, there are consequences to what we believe.  Consequences will not go away just because we block them out in 

our thinking or blindly choose to live in denial of them.  To illustrate just a few universally recognizable consequences is not a difficult task.

First, let's suppose you choose to have an abortion.   Some of the worst consequences that 
are commonly known among those who study 

this include guilt, remorse, physical complications, psychological problems, extreme lifestyle changes and having no grandchildren to enjoy in old age.  The most brutal and horrible consequence is that a life has been destroyed that never had a chance to become what it was intended to be.  We have technology now that allows us to look inside the womb during an abortion, and I have seen a baby inside the mother desperately trying 

to escape a surgical knife just moments before it is cut to pieces that were small enough to be vacuumed out.  I have also seen little fully formed babies burned to death as salt is injected into the mother's water sac.  The charred bodies are horrible to behold, and a life has been snuffed out that could have been of great service to mankind or could have been a loving mother or father to other children.   None of us can escape the consequences of our choices.  Often we make choices that we somehow have come to believe affect us only and we're miserably mistaken.

Second, let's assume that you make a decision to murder someone.  Perhaps you believed you would not get caught, but you left a clue behind that implicates you beyond doubt as the murderer. You then have to decide whether to try all you can to avoid being arrested, give yourself up to the authorities, or submit to a trial or more than one trial that could end up with you being sentenced 
to life imprisonment or being executed.  Also in addition, there were other consequences that involved others.  You took someone's life who might have lived longer, deeply wounded their loved ones, and created problems for everyone who is involved in trying your case and keeping you in prison and a whole litany of complications you could not have anticipated.   If you are convicted the ultimate consequence would be your death and beyond that the possibility of living through an eternity without Christ which is the absolute ultimate consequence.

Finally, if I am right about what I believe and you choose to reject what I share 
on this site you will have to deal with the consequences of that in the following possible scenarios.

First:  I could be wrong in which case you might be right and there are no problems you need to deal with as long as you follow your own beliefs. 

If I accept that you have the truth and change my way of living I will be okay too and we will just rot away in a cold grave.

Second:  We could both be wrong and whatever else is coming, irregardless of what it may be, is something that we both will have to deal with somewhere in this life or a possible life to come and we will not be prepared for whatever that is.

Third:  I am right, and if you refuse to accept what is being presented on
this site and die in your 
sin apart from the salvation that Jesus Christ 

can give, you must face the biblical judgment and ensuing punishment which is eternal damnation. If you die before the final judgment of all mankind comes as described in the Bible book of Revelation you will suddenly find yourself in a place the Bible calls Hell, but that is not the 

end of the consequence of your rejection of Christ.  Hell is only the holding tank, so to speak, where men wait the final judgment.  The final consequence is written below.

According to the Bible verses in Revelation 20:11-15 there will be a day when all mankind will bow to a Holy God in all his power and majesty 

and give a final account of their lives on earth. There will be some books or records opened on that day and there will be one separate book that will be opened. I believe the books are lists of the names of all who died outside of Christ and a record of their lives that will include everything about them. The book in these verses is a book of all who loved and served Jesus Christ and were obedient to God. This book is called  "The Book of Life."  Only those whose names are written in that book will inherit the eternal life spoken of in scripture.  Everyone in the other books will be cast into the Lake of Fire which is called "the second death. There is a physical death and there is a spiritual death, and one leads to Heaven or Hell and the second death is eternal damnation from the presence of God in the Lake of Fire where there is no escape forever. I believe All spirits are eternal and will live well beyond this life.  Our acceptance or rejection of God's word and the decision to believe it and act on it will determine what eternity brings for us. The Bible says, "Strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to eternal life and Few there be that find it; broad is the road that lead to destruction, and Many go in thereat."  I believe that as you read this page you know which road you are on?

You can reject what is presented here, and if you are right you may be safe in what you believe and I will die disillusioned and ​have to face whatever comes from that.  BUT, if I am right, you stand condemned because of your sin and you are in immortal danger right now.  We all stand

"one breath away" from eternity, and none of us knows when we will die.  It is not something to be taken lightly, but it is imperative that we settle this once and for all before we awake to find out we were wrong and have to deal with the consequences forever!   I believe this is the most important issue on this side of the grave!   I pray you do too!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

I believe with all my heart that God is a loving God who is willing to forgive all your sins and mine because His Son sacrificed himself to set us free from sin and give us victory over death and eternal damnation. That forgiveness is granted when we come with sorrow for our sins, in humility, asking God to forgive us and trusting he will grant our request.  Will you take this step today or will you risk entering the endless ages of eternity without Christ as your Savior before the judgment seat where he would have been intervening between you and God's judgment?

Today is the day of salvation!  Pray in your own words to God. let him know you're sorry for the sin in your life, and come humbly to him asking his forgiveness. You will never be the same again!  You will know the peace of God in your heart!   This doesn't mean you'll never have problems  

or stress in your life, but it does mean you won't have to deal with those things alone anymore.

God will be there for you 24/7 as long as you live and through eternity as he has promised.

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