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Semantics or "Word Games."

Matthew 12:36-37 - A warning about our words!

Semantics is a game we play because being politically correct has become a way of life for many in our society. Where political correctness begins critical thinking ends. To be politically correct brings out the beast in us instead of the best in us. There was a time when we were willing to "share ideas" with respect for others who held opposing ideas. We have abandoned that for a tawdry concept that only serves to frustrate and/or infuriate others and, for the most part is very disrespectful, rude and bigoted. I believe that can be changed but the change has to happen to everyone individually before it shows up in our day to day experience. Below are some of those politically correct ideas that we call semantics. We have become very clever in how we express ourselves and present our views but our cleverness is a delusion. In choosing to never be wrong we have closed the door to learning and truth is no longer the goal in life.

Unintended pregnancy? If you hop into the sack with someone chances are very good pregnancy will be the result. There is nothing unintended about the sex that produces the child. What this phrase does is try to minimize the fact that a person got pregnant through their own lust and it seeks to hide their accountability and give them an excuse for abortion or other evil mechanisms that they believe cover up their sin. The problem  is that God is not impressed. He must judge sin, and if people want to keep using flimsy excuses to cover it up they could die in their sin and then they will deal with the consequences of it whether they want to or not. God will judge all sin.

Alternate lifestyle? - Homosexuality and lesbianism are not alternate lifestyles. They are sinful lust. The Bible calls this sexual behavior "vile affections, that which is against nature and burning in lust." There is nothing in all scripture that approves this deviant behavior.

Pro Choice and Anti-abortion - Pro is a positive connotation and the anti is a negative. Let's put the shoe on the other foot and use Pro Life and anti-life. Or how about Pro Life and Pro Death? This use of Pro and anti is a word game to make those who seek to protect the murder of unborn children to be against something rather than for something while making those who have no problem with murdering children to be for something. Word games to temporarily ease the conscience of those who want abortions or have had them with no thought to the rights of the babies being slaughtered to the tune of over 60 million since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973.

Tolerance for everyone - as long as you don't bring God into the equation. When God comes in tolerance goes out the window for the unregenerate. **I want to make myself perfectly clear on this. I bear no malice or resentment against anyone for any reason except the devil who I love to work against. Because of this I will not water down what I say and compromise my stance on the scriptures. I will speak truth whether people want to hear it or not.

There is no demand on anyone to accept what I say, and I respect the right of everyone to live as they choose, but God commands me to warn those living in sin to turn from their sin to him for forgiveness. I cannot do that without stepping on toes and so with that in mind I submit every comment presented here including the one below on homosexuals. Homosexuals love to use the word tolerance when they speak of the need for people to tolerate their behavior, but show little to no tolerance to those who oppose them. Don't take my word for it. Visit the news boards and visit articles where homosexuality is discussed, and read the comments of the homosexuals when someone opposes their sexual preference. You will find anything but tolerance in the anger and hatred they express. They are willing to marginalize all who refuse to allow them to live and die in sin. Hating while calling other haters and continuing in deception by their own free will.

Creationists - A derogatory term used to attack those who believe in the Genesis account and stand firm against evolution. This false charge is brought by unbelievers who belong to the atheist and/or evolutionist camps. Rather than speaking of "Christians" whose faith leads them to  believe God created all things; they invent a term that they want to believe belittles Christians who accept God as creator while they ignore their own "faith" in a hypothesis which is an unproven theory. The general trend is to take some scientific discovery and blow it out of proportion by claiming millions and billions of years of transformation with no proof for the time span or the transformation in man, beast or plants. The biggest issue with those in these two camps is their inability to produce one transitional species or even a single cell or DNA sample that carries evidence of a transformation taking place. There is currently a large move of scientists who now have rejected evolution as plausible or feasible and are leaning toward the possibility that God did create everything or have come to believe that he did.

Bible Thumpers - Another derogatory term used to attack people who refuse to be intimidated and stand firm on God's word. To be totally honest, I have never seen anyone "thump their Bible," and wouldn't know if they were doing it because I don't know what people mean by thumping Bibles. This is another semantic term used to belittle those who believe in God and who stand firm on the truth of the scriptures.

Religious bigots - This one is obvious. I wonder why they faiil to understand that they can be considered irreligious bigots. 

Haters - Used against Christians who insist that the Holy Bible contains absolute moral standards that are to be obeyed, and in doing so condemns the sin the name caller won't give up. The people who use this term the most are the LGBT community which I have previously discussed above under the heading "tolerance for everyone."

Right Wing Republicans - The ridiculous idea that all Republicans are Christians and right wing fanatics with no mention of Left Wing Atheists, Evolutionists and etc who are generally Democrats and liberal in their thinking and secular in their world view. For the uninformed, most Republicans have no religious affiliation at all and they hardly identify with Christians except as they can use them to some political end like the Democrats. This is a liberal ploy that is absolutely silly and misleading and a cover for the bigotry of the liberal, socialist Democrats, and it is brought up on news boards by those who are clueless about the fact that all politicians, or at least most of them from both parties are more interested in their lifetime job and paycheck than they are about what government may or may not be doing for or to the citizens of America.

I suppose there are more demeaning and spiteful semantics that escape my mind at the moment, but I am tired of writing them and  hearing them from people who are clueless about God and what the Bible has to say about sin and people who don't want to deal with reality apart from God in whatever venue they are in. Is there a need for prayer for these people? Definitely! Would they call us self- righteous if we told them we were going to pray for them? Possibly! I think we should pray for them anyway. All mankind needs prayer whether they acknowledge it or not.

We are feeble beings at best in spite of what some believe are outstanding achievements. One little virus can take down the wisest or strongest human being quickly and it will do so when it wishes. One stray bullet can end the life any person on earth in a second without their permission.

We walk precariously toward eternity. Some walk with wisdom and faith in God and others choose to accept their opinion as more authoritative than any God and others value the "wisdumb" of so-called great men and women of all times rather than acknowledge the creator who sustains all life and can take it any time he wants. God gave us the ability to choose to reject him or put our faith in him. When the day of judgment comes we will all know as we are now known by him and there will be no more doubters, no more mockers and no more scorners. "Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father." There will not be any exceptions.

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