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Resources -- I don't ship outside the United States

I have been able to acquire some resources that I felt would be valuable to those visiting this site and I am also including my own book "From the Heart of a Servant." I WILL BE PAYING ALL THE PAYPAL FEES, SHIPPING AND TAX MYSELF AS A COURTESY TO MY VISITORS. Thank you for stopping by our resource page. I am sure you will find something here that will bless you or be of benefit in a way that you would appreciate. Some of these items are limited  I will not be able to provide additional copies once they are gone.  ALL BOOKS ARE BRAND NEW.    
From The Heart Of A Servant - C. R. Lord - Paperback (Available)

As you move through these pages you will be encouraged, challenged and richly blessed as C R Lord calls on you to see God in every aspect of your life, from raising children to loving and serving God with your whole heart.  From the Heart of a Servant is some of the most beautiful Christian poetry that exists today.  THE BOOK ITSELF RETAILS FOR 12.99.  The Paypal fees, shipping and tax will be covered by the author.  SIGNED COPIES WILL BE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.  Please include your name and address so he can ship your purchase as quickly as possible.  PAPERBACK  153 Pages

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Money Making Mom -- Crystal Paine - Hardcover    (12 Available)               

A combination story of Crystals journey from scraping a living together with her husband children to being self-sustaining through trial and error.  This books offers some very well thought out instruction on the road to success for those willing to apply themselves to learn and put into practice the principles and instruction contained within.  It's a Best Selling Blessing from the heart of a Christian Mom.  240 PAGES RETAILING FOR $22.99.  My price is about half that and I cover the Paypal fees, shipping and tax.  Be sure to include your name and address with your order.

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Christian Writer's Market Guide -- Jerry B. Jenkins   (3 Available) Paperback 

The ultimate reference tool for writers, Jenkins's guide lists more than 180 book publishers; 170 periodicals by category with rates of pay; hundreds of literary agents; information on contests, conferences, and workshops; editorial services; niche markets; self-publishing services; and more.  IF YOU CREATED A BOOK AND WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GET IT PUBLISHED THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU.  I pay the Paypal fees, shipping and tax.  THE RETAIL PRICE OF THIS BOOK IS $19.00.  Be sure to include you name and address with your order.  Thank you for stopping by.     (488 Pages)

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The New Media Frontier -- Reyolds & Overton         (3 Available)  Paperback Copy

In this practical guide, bloggers Reynolds and Overton clarify definitions; stress the urgency for Christian involvement in the use of contemporary communication tools; reveal dangers; offer advice on what medium to utilize with which audience . 224 page paperback from Crossway.  RETAIL PRICE $16.00.  Be sure to include your name and address with your order.  Thank you.  PAYPAL FEES, SHIPPING AND TAX ARE PAID BY ME. 

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Viral  -- Leonard Sweet - Paperback                         (4 Available)      

Why does Facebook have millions of young members but the average congregation has only a few? Perhaps the Google generation has something to teach the Gutenbergers! Sweet encourages us to practice belonging, connecting, involvement, community, and relationship in the digital age.  240 PAGE PAPERBACK RETAILING FOR $14.50.  I cover all the fees, shipping and tax.  Thanks for stopping by.  God bless you.  

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C R Lord Ministry Site Annual Membership  -- Don't forget to ask for your free book when you purchase this membership.

This very small fee opens the door to the entire site and all pages that may be added in the future.  The site currently stands at over 240 pages and is updated fairly often.  Browse the list of membership pages on the right to see what is offered in addition to the pages offered free to non members.  Downloadable PDFs and Memes including Studies on Memes are part of the package.  THIS IS FOR ONE YEAR ONLY.  IF YOU WISH TO CHOOSE THE AUTOMATIC RENEWAL OPTION, SEE THE WELCOME PAGE OF THIS SITE FOR SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS.  This is a one time non refundable fee.  

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