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In the Bible there is only one true and living God and only one way to him. Therefore it has to be impossible for a genuine Christian who holds to biblical teaching above all else to find common ground with religions that worship other gods. It is also true that Islam also believes there is only 

one god and that to worship another is idolatry. Islam's goal is to bring all people on earth into subjection to Allah. Christians believe that all the world will stand in judgment before the God of 

the Bible and be judged and sentenced or rewarded according to what they have done with Jesus Christ and the free gift of salvation.

So we can see that the joining of religions will never work until the time of the anti-Christ when all religions except Christianity will be part of a one world church and the Christians will not join and would not be accepted anyway.   I will leave it at that for now to keep from getting into too much discussion at this point dealing with a one world religion.

I will be doing studies on religion, which differ from the personal relationship with God that true Christians believe in.  Within the pages of this study will be links to various sites that can give the reader more clarity on what various religions believe.  The sources offered will be addressing all 

the religions from a biblical view.

We live in a world that is filled with religions of all kinds, and all of them have beliefs that are 

similar but many of the beliefs conflict or contradict what is taught in other religions.  How can 

you sort out what is true and what is not?  Do all religions lead to the same destination in eternity?  Is there an eternity to be concerned about?  Do all religions lead to God?  Is there only one true 

God or a multiplicity of gods?  Can a person know the truth?

As time permits I will present my own thoughts on these things from my personal study coupled 

with links to sites that I believe present the truth based on what I understand the Bible to teach.  

So I intend to do my best presenting religions for the beginner and other students of scripture to study.  This is not intended to be a massive site presenting detailed content but rather a simplified presentation that will provide a base for people to build on with their own studies.

The first two under consideration will be Catholicism and Islam.  Catholics believe the Bible is a source text of great importance from God.   Islam believe the Qur'an is the only source text that presents truth.   Christianity stands upon "sola scripture" which means scripture alone plus nothing.   Everything a Christian believer studies must line up with the Bible or it is considered 

false teaching.

What Christianity believes, from my understanding, can be found in the drop down menus above through the various categories such as The Bible, Bible Study, Prayer, Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit and etc.  Put your cursor over titles with an arrow and you'll find other pages that deal with the 

main subject (for example:The Bible heading extends to another page dealing with My Personal Preference).

Below is a video I created dealing with the difference between Christianity and religion.  

The video gives an overview but doesn't present detail about what others believe.  It does, 

however present what I believe the Bible teaches concerning the major difference between a  religion and a personal relationship with God which is far different than simply believing 

in and following a religion.