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Questions About God

Did God's knowledge increase when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge?

Truly, God had to know they were going to eat from the tree before hand. If so, why did He spend time playing hide and seek with Adam in the garden?

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God is Omnipotent and knows everything from eternity past, through eternity present and to eternity to come. He never missed one iota of information that has ever existed and He never will.

When He asked Adam "Where are you?" He was not looking for Adam because He knew where Adam was hiding. It was a question to Adam to show him where he was in a spiritual sense, and make him take a look at himself.

God knows everything past, present and future instantly and without effort! He knew you would ask this question before the worlds were ever formed, and He knows everything about every person who ever lived, lives now and will live while the earth exists.

He knows every hair on the head of every human who lives and has hair, he knows the number of grains of sand on every desert in existence, and the number of drops of water in every body of water in the universe. He knows the number of snowflakes that have fallen through all the ages of time, He also knows precisely everything there is to know about anything there is to know, and He knows it better than anyone else.

If there were one piece of information existing that God didn't know He would be less than
God and no god at all, but because He is perfect that is not even a consideration.


Has Father God given you hints of what He looks like?

He has just spoke to me and gave me clues to what Father God looks like. He has a muscle arm but peaking through the bright cloud is also muscle chest. Not breasts. His skin is shiny brass/bronze. And another example of the vision, was further away & God winked at me with bright shimmering of the essence and sparkle wink.

The Father is a nurturing Father, but doesn't have milk in His breast. They are just muscle, like 

Mr. Flex.  The Holy Spirit is the nurturing milk.

I feel sooo blessed right now. Jesus prayed to the Father God. That would describe Father God 

a male. The Holy Spirit is in the form of a dove & Is Spirit and is genderless. The Word of God is male and in the shape of a male in the OT, and when the Word of God put on humanity as Jesus Christ, is in the shape of a male. Jesus resurrected body is male.  The Holy Spirit is very much connected with the milk of the Word.

I don't believe demons are deceiving me.

No one has seen the Father God, except Jesus, who is the express image of Father God.

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John 4:24 - "God is a spirit, and they that worship Him must worship him in spirit and in TRUTH." You have been grossly deceived!  God has no form like we have.

Remember that the scripture warns clearly that Satan himself can appear as an angel of light. Demons love to provide any false visions they can to produce a God for you that you like.

Every vision must be tested by what scripture says, and if it doesn't stand the test it is false no matter how pleasing it may seem to you.

You also are a spirit being but you are temporarily living in a house of flesh. One day your spirit

will leave that house and it will drop over because there is no life to keep it going. That is why the Bible says we are made in the image of God.   It is a spiritual image, not a physical one.

If a million people saw your vision and it was not in line with scripture it would be a false vision much like the so-called appearances of Mary and the saints. The only people who are coming back from Bible times are the two prophets in the book of Revelation in the end times, and Jesus when He returns to take away His people. There are no proof texts in scripture to prove anything else.

You are confusing image in the flesh and cannot conceive of the image in the spirit realm. That 

is why you are being deceived.  God is a spirit - a spirit has no body.

As far as the Holy Spirit being without gender is concerned; the Bible is clear that the Holy Spirit 

is a person and all references to his person in scripture refer to him or he or his or himself.


How did god create himself?

I mean God created everything, but how did he create himself?

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He is the only uncreated being in the universe.  He always existed.  He has no beginning and 

no end.  He is the only truly and completely eternal being in the universe. Because of that, time  has no application to Him.