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Questions and Answers

The pages attached to this page will have some of the questions asked on Yahoo Answers over the years and my response to them. The responses were chosen as best answer by either the person asking the question or the other posters who voted on them. Considering that they were deemed best by a lot of people I thought they would be worth posting for anyone who

might come to this site.

The questions cover a variety of subjects but they all have to do with spiritual things and that

is why questions and answers is a sub-heading under the heading Spiritual Articles.

There is absolutely no intention to offend anyone or to insult anyone in my answers. I am simply stating what I believe about what was asked.

My intent is to try and group the answers according to subject matter, and then alphabetical order as time permits. This alone is an extensive project and really quite ambitious for me as I have much more to do in building this site.

My purpose is not to prove that I am of any particular intelligence, nor am I looking for a pat on 

the back from God or anyone else by posting these things.  My purpose is that in examining what 

is shared on these pages the reader might be able to come to a better understanding of how this Christian thinks and why and perhaps something included in this section of the site might be sufficient to really draw the interest of the reader toward knowing and loving the Lord as I do and even more than I do for his gracious, bountiful mercy toward us.

Please examine what is presented here objectively.  There is no need for anger to rise as far as anything is shared here.  After all, these are only the thoughts of a single person on a planet filled with billions of people and hardly anything to go off about even though some of what is presented here will in all likelihood challenge the beliefs and thinking of some and hopefully everyone.

Perhaps you will measure what is presented here against what you believe and find something to challenge you enough to thoroughly research and compare opposing ideas and maybe even come to new conclusions that will be greatly beneficial to you.