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Poetry For Christians

Hear O' Church

Written February 5, 1984

Oh the wondrous love of Jesus when he came to save!

Oh the mystery of His glorious victory o’er the grave!

Oh the awesome weight we carry who would do His will!

Oh the sinful hearts that hear Him and reject Him still!

As we hear His awful warning to a sinful race;

Can we sleep while men are dying at an awful pace?

Can we rest while souls are feeding on the husks of life?

Can we see the millions lost and stay back from the strife?

Now the Master sends a call to those who bear His name.

Will we listen and obey, or hang our heads in shame?

When the roll is called up yonder, will we meet someone?

Who, through our response to Him, has come to know God’s Son?

Brethren, let us rise above the little things that keep

Us from running to the battle, for our Lord’s lost sheep.

Let’s go on nor fear of dying keep us from the strife.

Snatching many from Hell’s fires to eternal life.

Let us fight with banners flying, every evil foe;

Shouting victory, striking boldly, never letting go.

Striking out with strong assurance in that blessed one,

Who will bring us to the kingdom with a sweet “Well done!”

Was a higher call e’er given? I must answer, “No!”

Do we wish to fail Him now, who has loved us so?

Oh, eternal matchless glory! How can we delay?

Let us give our all for Jesus; let’s begin today!

C. R. Lord © 2007


Costly Doctrinal Foolishness

Oh, how we strive and battle so,

As verse by verse we cite,

God’s word with great intensity,

To prove our view is right.

Baptidzo means immerse some say,

No sprinkling must be true.

Foot washing must be done,

Or I’ll not fellowship with you.

Baptism in the spirit with,

The gifts is real my friend.

If you don’t have all nine,

You don’t make heaven in the end.

Now as for those who speak in tongues,

Emotional! Oh my!

If they should come to my home church,

I surely think I’d die.

Praise God, I’m Pentecostal,

I cannot understand.

How all those fundamentalists,

Would dare to take their stand.

So, on we go in foolishness,

In bigotry and pride.

With “love” toward the brethren,

If they’ll kindly stay outside.

And not attend “our” fellowship,

Corrupting “our” belief.

And all the while our Savior weeps,

In unrelenting grief.

“Put off your foolish strivings,”

He cries out from His throne.

While you continue in your sin,

The devil’s left alone.

To drag souls screaming into hell

Every single hour.

Forget your proud obnoxious views,

And seek my face for power.

Oh, look beyond these petty things,

Seek peace and love “all” men.

Reach out and touch the millions who,

Are dying in their sin.

If all of you will do this work,

And nurture it with prayer.

All differences will be erased,

And you will find me there.

C. R. Lord © 2007