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Poetry For Christians 2

O Give Me A Church

Sung to the tune "O Give Me A Home"

O give me a church where the dead in Christ roam,

Where the saints are all busy at play,

Where naught will disturb, no exhorting is heard,

And the people have not learned to pray.

O give me a church where the preaching is sweet,

Where picnics and banquets abound,

Where folks smile and sing of the Savior and King,

And challenging words are not found.

O give me that church, and I'll die in my sins,

For it's sure that nobody will tell,

That I ought to obey Christ who is the true way,

Or I'll find myself lost and in Hell.


There Christ is not known,

And the preaching is dry as a bone,

And the devil with glee, laughs at their poverty,

While the world in despair dies alone.

C. R. Lord © 2007

The poem above was inspired as a way of calling out churches that have adopted what is another gospel - the gospel of "me first."   It is to rebuke and exhort those churches which refuse to preach a sound gospel but give their members oceans of good clean fun while remaining oblivious to the truth of obedience to Christ and sacrificial living.   It is actually a backhanded slap in the face of "easy Christianity" so-called, and hopefully will shame and awaken some who adhere to this distortion of real Christianity to humble themselves in repentance and obedience to Christ for their own sake and that of others.


The poem below was inspired by the thought that some people preach only part of the whole counsel of God.  We have those who preach only a doctrine of Hell and damnation and others 

who speak only of God's love and run from preaching anything people might deem offensive or 

too big to handle. We are to teach the entire gospel which includes our sins being an offense 

to a Holy God, the need for godly sorrow, repentance and the salvation that comes through 

Jesus Christ alone. We are not at liberty to change what God's Word, the Bible teaches or omit what we don't wish to deal with. Paul, the apostle, said in his writings "If any man preach any 

other gospel; let him be accursed." I agree.

Lopsided Preaching

A lopsided gospel is preached today,

In pulpits across the land,

Misrepresentation and disarray,

Are found on every hand.

The worldly and carnal find phony peace,

As lopsided preaching persists,

The talk of God's love puts the sinner at ease,

In the church of the Liberalist.

But lopsided preaching is also found,

In searing descriptions of Hell,

As man who live in sin are told,

God condemns every infidel.

And men live in comfort or fear of him,

Who reigns in the Heavens above,

The ruler whose justice is not a whim,

But perfect, as is his love.

What damage this lopsided preaching has done,

Only God in his wisdom can know,

But it's sure to continue unless we shun,

All this vain and pompous show.

Our preaching must hold the whole counsel of God,

Not only a part of the whole,

God's justice and love are sufficient to prod,

The blinded and sin laden soul.

Why should we withhold one jot of his word,

From multitudes blinded by sin,

The lopsided preaching that many have heard,

Has kept them from entering in.

To the truth of the gospel and Christ's saving power,

That sets every willing one free,

Repent of this foolishness this very hour,

And set them at liberty.

If such words offend you, then preacher beware,

Your words may condemn you one day,

Our Lord is demanding, and he will not spare,

The servant that will not obey.

C. R. Lord © 2007