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Poetry From My Life 4

NOTE:The names of each child are down the left side of the verses.

Our Children/God's Gifts

October 27, 1999

Softly the prayer began,

   Awesome God, send us a man.

     Make Him to know and love your son,

        Until a thorough work is done.

           Enlighten him so all may see,

               Love flow through him unceasingly.

Christ we beseech thee now,

 Help this boy to learn,

   Righteousness full and free,

     Incline his heart to burn,

      So he may serve with grace,

        Touching the lives of those,

           Only in purity and love,

             Patient with power from above,

               Holding the lonely close.

                  Echo yourself through Chris.

                    Righteous Lord, please do this.

Reach down and calm this heart.

  Inspire him with your peace.

   Chasten this boy continually.

     Help all his striving cease.

       Almighty, loving king,

         Roll waves of love o'er him,

           Direct his soul to sing.

Kind and merciful God,

  Reach deep and draw her out.

    Ignite a fire within her soul,

      So she will want to shout.

        Triumph despite her Lord.

           In love reach down and make,

             New and full impressions, and

               Empower her for your sake.

Almighty Father God,

 Before your holy throne,

   Infill her with your Spirit Lord,

     Give grace and joy within,

       Ability to love all men,

         Increasing sense of you, and

           Loving kindness too.

Dig deep inside this heart,

 Allow your power to fill,

   Vindicate and Justify,

     Inspire, empower to testify,

       Devoted to your will.

Softly seal your word,

    Affix it deep inside,

        Refine this heart,

            And fill with you.

                Holy Ghost abide.

We offer Lord, these gifts you sent,

  Entrusting us to raise,

    Each one with only one intent,

      That they might learn you ways.

Accept them now we pray,

  And hold them in your care,

    That we might all one day,

      Be reunited there.

C. R. Lord © 1999