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James 5:16

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!

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Poetry About Prayer

Pray On Christians, Pray On

P eople dying all around us,

R uined with sins awful blight,

A re there any intercessors,

Y ielded to the Spirit’s might?

O how desperate is the need!

N ever was the world so vile.

C ountries warring constantly,

H arlots roam with luring smile,

R ecreation is our theme song.

I mmortality runs wild.

S ports arenas draw the crowds.

T error stalks the little child.

I s there any intercessor,

A ching for the world’s relief?

N ever was a need more pressing,

S eldom has there been more grief.

P leading from His throne in glory,

R eaching out to you and me,

A h we have to listen for our,

Y ieldedness will set men free.

O n, with tears and groans, the world,

N eeds them O’ so desperately!

C. R. Lord © 2007


The Key

In our records of revivals,

There’s a truth we all must see.

There can be no true revival,

When the church neglects the key.

We have tried so many methods.

We give seminars galore.

We think God must surely honor,

What He surely must abhor.

For our crusades and our seminars,

Without his holy fire,

Must fall far short for certain,

Of His innermost desire,

All our guesswork and presumption,

Fail to gain the slightest praise,

From the God of all creation,

Who has numbered all our days.

What he really seeks within us,

Is submission to His will.

And we’ll never know what that is,

If we can’t learn to be still,

For the key the church is missing,

Won’t be found by anxious care.

The true secret of revival,

Is believing, earnest prayer,

We can learn to hear God speaking,

If we’ll bow on bended knee,

And we’ll see a great revival,

When we learn to use the key.

C. R. Lord © 2007