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Poetry About Jesus

Two Kings

I love to write about my King.

His name is dear to me.

He cleansed me of my many sins,

And set my spirit free.

I used to serve another king,

Of dark and fearful mien,

But since I’ve met the King of kings,

I’ll not serve him again.

Oh friend, the Prince of Darkness grim,

Would damn your very soul.

But Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace,

Will cleanse and make you whole.

What folly then to serve a king,

Of lesser pedigree,

Repent of all your sin right now,

My King will set you free.

C. R. Lord © 2007


Jesus Is

Jesus is the sweetest word to fall upon my ear.

The sunshine living in me that is brighter every year.

The strength I need to carry every burden that I feel.

Reality within a world where very little’s real.

Jesus is a name as soft as velvet summer breeze.

A whisper of ecstatic prayer when I am on my knees,

A total new experience of heart and soul and mind,

The treasure I am sorry that it took so long to find.

Jesus is the answer when I’m lying sick in bed.

Or when the devil finds a space and creeps inside my head,

Always strong and never failing when we call His name,

From the very dawn of time He’s always been the same.

Jesus means to never fear whatever trial may come.

The power to cast out the spirits of the deaf and dumb,

And charge all demons to depart from every human living,

He shows the beauty we can know when we begin forgiving.

Jesus more than anything has borne our grief and shame.

Humiliated, scorned, and beaten when we were to blame,

We never could deserve that gift received from God above,

The blood of Jesus shed for us, the perfect gift of love.

Jesus breathe it, pray it, say it, o’er and o’er again.

Master, Savior, King of kings, and yet He calls us friend,

Greater love has never been nor evermore will be,

And we’ve been blessed to live withHim throughout eternity.

C. R. Lord © 2007

This poem was made into a song by the organist with a Swedish Christian Group called Hogan Visan that traveled with the tent ministry I was part of for about one year.

I didn't know he was doing it until I got out of jail. 137 of us were arrested on false charges when a store manager accused of of some ridiculous things. Praise God how things work out as always for the good! While we were in the jail we got to minister to a lot of people and two men up for murder came to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.


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Jesus Is
Jesus Is

This poem was written by C R Lord early in his Christian life and then later turned into a song by the leader of a band called Hogan Visan from Sweden. C R Lord was in jail when the song was created and heard it for the first time upon his release. This would be a great gift for a pastor, teacher or Christian friend.

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Jesus Loves Me

October 9, 2004

In a little town where I was born,

A song was often heard,

Many a lovely Sunday morn,

Before they preached the Word.

A simple song of love and grace,

That everyone could sing,

That told of Jesus in the place,

We came to meet our King.

The words rang out from young and old,

We put on quite a show,

With voices ringing strong and bold,

He loves me—this I know.

For centuries the hardest men,

Who stopped to listen in,

Believed those precious words again,

Delivering them from sin.

Yes, Jesus loves me, this I know,

So simple and so true,

It’s real within my heart, and so,

I offer it to you.

C. R. Lord © 2007


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Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Loves Me

This poem authored by C R Lord is a take off on the old familiar song that children and adults alike love to sing.  It is also a reminder of the gracious gift of God found in the person of Jesus Christ.   This print would look good in a church office or a living room or decorating the walls of your friend or other loved ones home.  

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February 6, 1986

Justice demanded death for sinful man,

Judgment was sure so God devised a plan,

Joyous the news rang out for all to hear,

Jesus has come, fear not, be of good cheer.

Eagerly shepherds ran to seek this child,

Entering in they saw him meek and mild,

Excellent glory they began to tell,

Everywhere speaking of Emmanuel.

Shepherds in joy returning to their sheep,

Sweet baby Jesus quietly asleep,

Shining angelic choirs tell of God's love,

Stars burning brightly in the sky above.

Unworthy man has since that day received,

Untold rich blessings when they truly believed,

Unctionized truth about the blessed one,

Unmeasured love displayed in God's own son.

Shout! So the entire world may hear and see,

Salvation offered --- blessed, full and free,

So many walk in darkness yet today,

Show them the Savior ere they pass away.

C. R. Lord © 2007

Notice that each verse begins with a letter of Christ's name and if

you follow all verses down the side they spell out Jesus four times.

This Poem is on the Jesus print and can be ordered below.  This print 

has been discontinued and once they are gone will not be reproduced.

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This poem by C R Lord is unique in that it spells out the name of the Lord Jesus four times using the first letter of each verse going down the side of the poem.  This would look great in the office of a pastor or teacher or the house of a friend.

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