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Poetry About God

Marvelous, Wonderful, Holy God

Marvelous, Wonderful, Holy God,

We lift our hearts in praise,

Astounded at your matchless care,

Toward us all our days,

Awesome, Magnificent, Lovely God,

Your beauty lies within,

The multitudes your Son has touched,

And freed from death and sin.

Omnipotent, Omniscient God,

The earth proclaims your power,

With every passing sunset,

And each refreshing shower.

Terrible, Vengeful, Angry God,

The wicked shake and fear,

Knowing that your judgment falls,

On those who will not hear.

Oh the sadness my heart feels,

For those who spurn your grace,

Glorying in sin and shame,

And will not seek your face.

C. R. Lord © 2007


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  • Marvelous, Wonderful, Holy God
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Marvelous, Wonderful, Holy God
Marvelous, Wonderful, Holy God

This poem is a tribute to our Marvelous God and his Wonderful love and his Attributes such as Omnipotence. It is also speaks of God's judgment upon the wicked who will not repent and receive the gift provided through Jesus Christ. This would look good in a living room or den or in a church hallway or office.

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O' Mighty God

O’ Mighty God from age to age,

Eternally the same,

In vain the heathen ‘gainst Thee rage,

And curse Thy Holy Name.

My soul within is pierced with woe,

And sorrows as I see,

The multitudes who will not go,

To meet my Lord with me.

The power of the devil’s hold,

On lost and wretched men,

Through alcohol or lust or gold,

Shows me the strength of sin.

I walk the streets and knock on doors,

And much to my chagrin,

These same poor souls profess to me,

“I once was born again.”

O’ God I cry, how can it be,

That some who know your name,

Can live in such hypocrisy,

And show no sign of shame?

O’ Jesus, Jesus, help me please,

To never love you less,

And keep me Lord upon my knees,

And teach me righteousness.

What horrid thought to turn away,

From you who loved so well,

And suffered cruelly on that day,

To save our souls from Hell,

Oh, help me turn some back again,

Salvation to renew,

And let me touch some poor lost men,

That they might turn to you.

Then one sweet, glorious day we’ll sing,

Together ‘round the throne,

Hosannas to our God and King,

For praise is His alone.

With multitudes our voices raise,

As Heaven joins and sings,

Eternal melodies of praise,

To the great King of Kings.

C. R. Lord © 2007


What Can Describe Our God

3/19/2016 @ 4 PM

What can describe our God?

Can human words alone,

Declare the simplest things of Him,

Who sits on Heaven's throne?

Who can describe our God?
What man would dare to try,
To picture Him in meager words,
Whose glory fills the sky?

It would be an easier task,
To catch the wind in our hand,
Than to describe a glorious God,
Men cannot understand.

But learning of this God,
Will never be in vain,
For what He'd have us know of Him,
Is written very plain.

His word tells of His love,
His wrath, His treasure store,
Of grace and mercy He bestows,
And life forevermore.

So we must rest content,
With what He does allow,
For we shall know as we are known,
When at His throne we bow.

C. R. Lord © 2016