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                        Matthew 28:19 

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My Testimony - Part Three

The book was the Bible. He sat down and patiently went over the scriptures with me, but I could not grasp what he was saying. So he invited me to eat with the group and to attend a meeting under the tent that evening. I agreed, and that evening a man got up on a stage and was walking back and forth and preaching the gospel. While he was doing that I was thinking, "I hope this guy is soon going to shut up because I want to get right with God." Very soon after I had that thought he stopped preaching and said, "If anyone here wants to get right with God, they needed to get down here in front right now. It was as if he had just read my mind, and so I got out of my seat and ran to the front of that tent and fell to my knees.

For the first time in my life I felt the presence of God. To this day, I have never experienced anything more real than that initial contact with a God who was really there! It was so overwhelming that I was astounded, and God knew that I needed that kind of experience because I was intellectual and always had to analyze everything to believe it. I prayed with all my heart; "Jesus, I am so sorry for the way that I am living! Please forgive me and change my life in such a way that I can learn to love others more than myself." A literal cleansing flowed through my entire being. I could feel a purge going through my body, mind, heart and spirit. It was so utterly complete that the only thing that I could find to say over and over was WOW! I was being drenched in God's love and forgiveness and I knew it but would never have been able to explain it. It was, and still is, supernatural. My spirit that was dead in sin and trespasses was fully alive in Christ, and I stood to my feet radically changed forever, and I knew it as surely as I have ever known anything in my life. It is impossible to describe this event in any way that would relate to the languages of this earth. It transcends any mere finite expression because it comes from the hands of the infinite God!

From that day to this, over 42 years later I have experienced and seen and heard so much that defies mere human understanding. The very experience of salvation alone is a miracle beyond explanation. Then there was the salvation of others that God allowed me to minister to over the years. I have prayed for people, including my oldest son to be healed and they were all healed instantly. I have been healed instantly in answer to the prayer of others. I have been blessed to preach God's Word under such heavy anointing that it defies description and took my breath away. I have witnessed in homes where the presence of God came so strong that it was amazing to me and the people in the home who were not even Christians. I have been involved in casting demons out of people with groups and at times by myself in various situations and casting demons out of a house in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was even arrested on false charges with 136 other people while ministering outside a shopping center and saw God work to save people in prison through our arrest. I have been blessed to minister to many people with drug and alcohol problems and other life-controlling problems and see their lives changed through the power of God. I have been given a precious wife and seven wonderful children, and all of our children have come to trust Christ for their salvation of their own volition; some in our home and others away from our home. God enabled me to write and publish a book. I have been an administrator, a program director, and so much more. I have preached in the streets, ministered in jails and coffee houses, worked with my wife for nearly ten years ministering to drug and alcohol addicted people, taught in a Bible college, and am now able to produce this site without any help but that of the site tools that are available to me. I am sure that I've left something out, but that is sufficient to tell my story.

AS TO WHO I AM NOW, I am a Christian who lives to serve the Lord and minister to others. I am a happily married man for over 37 years and father to seven children. Four of my children are married and all have children of their own, and so far we have nine grandchildren - four boys and five girls. Their moms and dads are teaching them about Jesus and how he died and resurrected to save them. More than anything I am God's child and a willing servant of or Lord Jesus Christ and want to see, all who will, come to Christ and experience the joyous message of His salvation and the amazing change he can make in their lives and circumstances. I fully realize that the spiritual life is the only real life and that multitudes are lost and without hope or understanding of this glorious truth. I am persuaded that Christians hold the only hope for mankind and that responsibility rests with us. Nobody else can do it because all the world lies in darkness and wickedness and will not come to Christ without a messenger who is anointed to bring the message to them. I believe with everything in me that ALL GLORY AND HONOR AND PRAISE BELONG TO GOD who through the sacrifice of his son has made a way of deliverance for those who will listen and exercise faith in Him. That is who I am and what I believe, and no demon from Hell, no living being human or otherwise can change that! I am challenging everyone who will take time to read this page to repent of your sins and trust Christ not only for salvation, but to keep you after salvation and purge you and bring you safely to eternity with Him. Apart from this there is only a terrifying judgment to come which those who reject Christ now will fully understand on the day when all mankind will bow in judgment before a Holy God and there will be no more excuses left.

This site will explain what I believe about what the Bible teaches. You are free to agree or disagree or totally ignore what is here, but know this; we will all have to deal with the consequences of what we believe, think, say and do in this life. If I am wrong, then everyone that will reject this message has nothing to worry about. If I am right and anyone dies in their sin without Christ they will be damned forever. With this in mind, only a willfully ignorant person would not at least research out the possibility and pray to God as I did to prove himself to them. He is more than willing to do that to the honest seeker.

Since he can see into your heart, there is no fooling him so be sincere and honest or don't bother at all. God has done what is necessary to secure your salvation. It is up to you whether you respond or not. We are all one breath away from eternity, and tomorrow may never come for any of us. I pray earnestly that you will cry out to God for mercy before it is too late! The Bible states emphatically "Today is the day of salvation!" We are not even guaranteed one more breath. We don't know the day of our death. Now is the time!

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