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Paul Sr. And Dorothy Shaffer

This will be basically pictures because I don't have any memory of my father or my first seven years of life. That story picks up on the page entitled "The Early Years" beginning with the eighth year of my life when my father took me from home with my brother Paul and abandoned us and left us with some people we never met. I don't hold any bitterness against my Father for deserting us when I was eight along with my older brother Paul, Jr. because the Lord took the agony of 23 years and healed it when I was given his wonderful gift of salvation. After I became a Christian I forgave my Father for what he did, but I never got to let him know about it because he died before I had a chance to tell him.

My mom, on the other hand was faithful to us all her life and was a real pioneer type woman who endured tons of frustration and suffering to raise a family by herself for the most part. When I got married she was happy for me and she was always there entering into our new family and loving each of our children as if they were her own. In the end she made her peace with God which I learned as she was lying in the hospital dying of cancer. That was an answer to years of prayers that my mom would come to know Jesus as her Savior before she died.

My Mother As A Baby
Young Rosy Cheeked Mom
Our Beautiful Mom
Gray-Haired Grandma
My Dad Between Two Girls
My Dad in the 1940's
My Dad As A Young Man
My Dad in the 1940's