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My Mean Parents

My mom and dad are very mean.

I’d like to trade them in.

It seems no matter what I do

It’s classified as sin.

I only want to stay up late,

And let my homework go.

Well, anyway, it could be done,

After I watch this show!

And surely meat and vegetables,

Can’t be as good as pie,

And soda chips and pretzels,

And candy, My oh My!

These things provide the energy,

I need to run and play.

It gets exasperating,

When I cannot get my way!

But wait, here in the Bible,

I see God’s holy plan.

Children obey your parents,

If you’d grow to be a man.

Believe God gives them wisdom,

To raise you for His glory,

Then with them in eternity,

You’ll tell a different story.

With praises to the Lord of Lords,

Whose blood has made you clean,

You’ll see my friend that after all,

Your parents weren’t so mean.

C. R. Lord © 2007

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My Mean Parents
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