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The poetry links lead to poetry pages that I am re-creating from my original book site

which I will be closing. As pages are created for each poem there will be a link available

to access that particular poem. As I move the other pages to this site I will be linking the pages through the poetry index. If a poem interests you but you can't link to it please be patient. I will have it done as soon as my schedule permits.


The poetry to the left of the above photo is a very small sample of what is available in my book;  "From the Heart of a Servant." These are samples of what is in the book which is 154 pages of poetry and other writings including my testimony of how 

the Lord delivered me from many years searching for peace in many places that he was not presented or acknowledged. 

If you enjoy these samples and would like to have a copy of my book, please click on the picture of the book in the right column of any page on this site.

To read a professional review of the book please click on the Faith Writers banner beneath the picture of the book.  

Look through the site for samples of other poetry I have written that is in the book.  

You will find them under the drop down menus on this site and under various headings such as God, Jesus, Prayer, Christian Living, Hell (bottom of page) and From the Heart of a Servant. 

You can also access them using the quick links in the right column of each page of 

this website under C R Lord Poetry Pages.  

I pray that God would richly bless you as your visit this site! 

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