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This site will start with very basic Christian doctrine and teaching. The main reason for that is because someone who comes to visit this site and has never been presented with the gospel should be able to find it explained clear enough so they can find eternal life in Christ before continuing on with the remainder of the site. Then the remainder of the site will include teaching on the Christian life and what can be expected as a Christian grows in their faith and walk with God. The information contained on this site is free for all who come here. The site was created for two purposes which are in line with the two great commandments of scripture; Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. The first purpose is that God will be exalted above everyone and everything in life and the second that everyone who comes here will be drawn closer to God to learn to love him for his gracious mercy shown in the sacrifice of his son so that they might also live to bring glory to Him who alone is worthy of all glory, honor and praise.

There are many errors concerning what a Christian really is. That can be rectified by viewing the video below or visiting the page Who I Am on this site where I share how God radically transformed my life over 42 years ago.

There are two things that are vital to all Christians who intend to live for the glory and honor of God. The first of those two things are Prayer which is establishing an intimate relationship with God; not merely presenting a list of needs. It is vital to Christian existence that all those who follow Christ learn to hear his voice and discern between his voice and all other voices in the world. The second very important thing for a Christian is that he "study," not merely read the Bible and apply what God speaks to his heart through the Bible to his life.

This site contains a doctrinal statement that is thorough and contains plenty of scripture for a person to look up to determine what the Bible says about each doctrine. The links below the doctrinal statement deal specifically with those subjects that are important to all believers who intend to be able to follow the scripture admonition to "Be ready always to give an account to every man for the reason of the hope that lies within you." Those subjects will include God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and more.

In addition to all the above there will be sketches of Bible characters available for study and consideration, study on non-Christian religions and cults and groups who claim to be Christian but don't follow the doctrines and tenets of biblical Christianity, video and audio teaching, and much more as this site continues to expand.

If you have any questions concerning the site please feel free to contact me through the form provided on the contact page. If you want to add some constructive input about his site there is a comment box at the bottom of this page for that purpose.

It is my joy to have you visit here and I believe God that he will grant everyone who comes here a challenge and a blessing that will meet their current need and enhance their lives not only now but for as long as they live.


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