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Bev and I both graduated with honors and a Diploma in Missions after three years.  Bev and I were married on January 7, 1979 and are currently in our 42nd year of marriage.  We have been blessed with seven children and all seven have come to know Christ as their Savior and some have been on missions trips and ministered in other ways. Our family now has grown with two Christian sons-in-law and two Christian daughters-in-law. Each of our oldest two daughters has each given us a granddaughter, and one of them has a second daughter and the other also has two sons, and our daughter in law has two beautiful sons with a little girl born in November of 2014. Three of our sons have graduated from college with one graduating magna cum laude with two degrees, our oldest graduating with one degree and our youngest son graduating with with honors as well.  We are richly blessed!

In December 1980 I interned at Indianapolis Teen Challenge where I was the blessed to be the Intake Coordinator, Dean of men, and Academic Director.  I also worked with boys from the age of 11 to 17 and girls as well in that age range.  My duties included counseling and teaching, and disciplinary action when necessary, supervising junior staff, office work, bus driving, and working with teachers from the community. Our first son, Samuel was born there. Beverly worked with the girls program at the same time.

In May of 1982 Bev and I ministered in Kentucky Teen Challenge with teenage girls. My position involved teaching, counseling and eventually acting as director in the absence of the director 

when he went on vacation and after that until the program closed.  I also worked with the church 

that was the main support for our ministry.  I supervised staff as well. Our second son Christopher was born in Kentucky.

In February of 1983 Bev and I ministered at His Farm Fellowship in Berne, NY.  I taught the 

school curriculum to teenage students including the Pastor’s children, did ministry at an outreach 

for street people and preached in the prisons.  We also had prisoners come to live on the farm and 

I ministered to them. This lasted until my birthday on September 27, 1983 and then I came back 

to Sunbury, PA and sought employment and a place to live.  My wife and children remained in 

New York for two months while I did what I could to finally get them to Pennsylvania with me.

October 1983 through August 1989 – Moved my family down from New York and worked whatever jobs were available to me and went to all kinds of auctions and sales and purchased 

and resold items. At one point we went through two years of unemployment, and because of 

the size of our family, ministries would not hire us.  It was particularly discouraging to me because 

I strongly believe in supporting my family.  God had me in a place where he could deal with my character and motivation, and provided our needs in many different ways.  At that time our family had grown to five children. This was a very trying time for us but God was faithful to keep us from growing discouraged, angry or bitter through it all.

August 1989 to 1995 – I ministered at Teen Challenge Institute which later was to become 

Teen Challenge Institute of Missions. My duties were director of the men’s home, and creating 

and running a program to help the college students pay for their education.  I also taught one college class in Systematic Theology during that time.

This time of ministry included teaching a special curriculum to the men, working with junior staff and supervising them, dealing with discipline problems in the home, preparing the reports on the ministry, handling some aspects of the finances for the men, teaching and preaching, preparing men for and taking them to a second phase program and some other administration activities.  In 1995, due to financial constraints, the men's program and the college closed down and did not reopen. Bev and I were forced to return to the job market.  Since we now had seven children at this 

point ministry was out of the question.