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Genesis One Study - Scripture meditations of the first chapter of the first book of the Bible.

John's Gospel - A study of John's gospel with the I Am's of Jesus and much more to bless you and perhaps add something you didn't know to your knowledge base.

Romans 10 - A study of this great chapter including audio so you can listen and follow along.

Second Timothy 3 - Another long look at this chapter that will educate and bless all who study it.

Did Jesus Really Exist? - A timely answer that starts with my testimony of God's work in my life.

The Exclusive Christ - A page holding some wonderful truth from three important scriptures.

The Deity Of Jesus - An extensive study by a great minister on this vitally important subject.

Son Of God - A scripture study on the term "Son of God" and it's application to Jesus.

God - Who is He? Where did he come from? You will find audio and video presentations here.

God's Children - Are all people on earth God's children. An in depth scripture study for you.

Serving God - Why would we want to serve God. What if we chose to live in sin and die in sin?

Doctrinal Statement - An explanation of what I believe the Bible teaches on doctrines?

The Trinity - Is the word Trinity in the Bible? What is the Godhead? Who is in the Godhead?

Satan - He isn't the little devil in a red suit with horns.  He is evil personified.  He hates us.

Hell - Is there such a place?  Who will go there?  Is Hell eternal?  What is the final judgment?

The Reality Of Hell - A scripture study on the subject of Hell with plenty of scripture.

Eternity - How long is eternity?  Should we be concerned about it?  Where will we be in eternity?

College Papers - A simple list I started that will grow as pages are added on Bible subjects.

Baptism in Theology and Practice - A comprehensive study on what baptism involves.

The Ologies - A brief sketch of theological terms and what they are about.

Theology - The doctrine of God.  Bible college study on this subject.

Bibliology - The study of the Bible itself which lends credence to its divine origin.

Pneumatology - The doctrinal study of the Holy Spirit, who he is and what he does.

Character Sketches - Studies in ten major Bible characters - a brief look at each one.  From Noah to Paul sketches of both Old Testament and New Testament men of God.

Purchase Memes - Memes I created with both Christian and political content you can use on websites, blogs or whatever you can imagine.

Studies On Memes - Mini studies on memes that can be used for websites, blogs or whatever.

Judging Others - Everyone loves Matthew 7:1 but what about the other scriptures on judging?

Abortion and God's Forgiveness - A great study with consequences, plenty of scripture and one that offers hope.  Great download "Women damaged through abortion" that is very useful.

Evolution Thoughts - A discussion and challenge to Richard Dawkins with video and links.

Introduction To Origins - My challenge to the introduction to Darwin's book on Origins.

Homophobia - Is God homophobic?  What does the scripture say about same sex relations?

Romans 1:16-32 - A strong presentation of how God views lesbians and homosexuals with the meanings of all the words defined so there is no mistaking what is said.

Lust - Is it love or lust.  This study has a surprise ending from an ardent lesbian activist.

Gay Marriage - An article followed by my own personal observations and a video and more.

The Homosexual Agenda - How two professional marketers deliberately manipulated public thinking in an attempt to change the minds of millions about homosexual sexual behavior.