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Membership Pages 2

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Christian Living - What is the Christian cross? How does that apply to Christians daily life?

Called Of God - Real faith, Failure. A hobby or a lifestyle? Mechanical Christianity.

Are You Religious? - What does it mean to be religious? Is religion enough to satisfy?

Spiritual Not Religious - A solid rebuttal of Peter Baska's "Are You Spiritual But Not Religious?

Islam - A comparison of Islam with Christianity including some video and links to examine.

Islam College Notes - An outline of college notes on Islam for beginning students.

Wolves Among The Sheep - An look at the "Word of Faith" teaching and its flaws.

Are Men Gods? - Three charlatans who espouse the idea that we are gods indeed.

Benny Hinn - Who is He? Does he really represent Christ?  Be shocked by his wife's words.

Worldwide Church Of God - This church is anything but God's church.  Deceit incorporated.

Answering A Witness - A great study I prepared for a Jehovah Witness who wouldn't budge.

Atheism From Scripture - What does the Bible say about Atheists?  Many scriptures dealing 

with the call to learn knowledge and those who refuse to learn.

The God Delusion - My response to Richard Dawkins and the preface to his own delusion.

Bigotry - Are you a bigot?  What is a bigot?  Be sure and read The Bigot's Creed at the end.

Catholicism Analyzed  - Is Catholicism really according to the Bible concerning Mary and much much more to consider.

Catholic Doctrine Challenged - A lot to read and think about.  Bring your objective mind.

Catholicism - Catholic teaching challenge and a huge mistake Catholics and Muslims make.

Answering Unbelievers - Answering unbelievers both alive and dead who reject Christianity.

Answering Unbelievers 2 - More unbelievers and my response to their irrational rationale.

America A Free Republic - A page loaded with video and links and plenty of information.

Religion And Politics - The beginnings of America and the separation of church and state myth.

The President - Lots of goodies about President Trump that aren't fake news.

Qanon - Who or what is Q and what's that all about?  Video and other information to help you get past the lies and the false charges of Q being a conspiracy theory.

The Great Awakening - What's going on in America.  We finally have a President who stands up to the bullies in American government, foreign interference in our nation and the rich elites who finance our destruction day after day while we blindly submit.  Suddenly millions of patriots wake up and our nation is beginning to turn around. 

The PDF Vault - 29 PDFs covering a variety of subjects that can be downloaded and printed out. Sunday school teachers and other who teach can hand out copies to students and enjoy holding 

a profitable study prepared and copyrighted by C R Lord.  Please give credit to the author when you share in class.  Thank you.