C R Lord Ministry
C R Lord Ministry
Where Jesus Christ Is Exalted Above All Persons And All Things
C R Lord Ministry
C R Lord Ministry
Where Jesus Christ Is Exalted Above All Persons And All Things
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things to know about me and the membership options 



scroll down to "C R Lord autobiography"where you can review my life story.

While I haven't been in active ministry for some time, I minister every day wherever the Lord opens a door.  

                                                                I don't believe in retirement from ministry.  I am now 77 years young and will retire when my body does.                                                                  

I prefer not to have memberships but the donations button hasn't ever drawn a penny. 

I strongly encourage all who intend to support my ministry to examine what's offered here first.  

I would rather you didn't give if what is here doesn't prove to be beneficial to you.

I can honestly say that because of God's mercy on my life I am able to love everyone.  

I believe even my enemies contribute to my spiritual growth and I pray for them to be saved.




SO BE CERTAIN THAT YOU SIGN UP FOR THE RIGHT OPTION                                

 there are only two memberships.  The monthly membership is recurring but can be cancelled at any time.  

The lifetime membership is equivalent to one year at the monthly contribution and is a one time payment.



> Over 190 site pages and future members pages.

> Access to 1883 public domain pictures and all additions which are not available to the general public.

> Coloring pages for your children and all additions

> C R Lord creations and some memes

Purchase price for the book covers Paypal fees, tax and shipping - Retail is $12.99 Your Cost is $10.99


​$84 (ONE TIME)

> Everything currently offered in the monthly membership 

 plus 15 password protected pages and 35 downloadable PDFs.  Future PDFs for the life of your membership..

> Password protected pages for Lifetime Members Only.  There are notes I have not created pages or PDFs for.

> Additional Pages For Lifetime Members Only as added.

additional things that you should know 

1. You need a verified Paypal account or a valid Credit Card to sign up for the membership.  Paypal will do one time credit card transactions before requesting you to open an account.

2. You will need to provide a verifiable email address so I can create access to the pages included in your membership.   

3. If you have any questions about your account please use the contact page and fill in the required information there.

4. We are here to serve and honor the Lord first and foremost and then our members.  Please be respectful in commenting when using our contact form.  Any disrespectful comments

     may result in immediate loss of membership, will be treated as spam and you will be reported and blocked from this site and the ministry email.

5.  All the membership offers for your membership will continue to be available as long as you have a membership in this site.  There will be additional offers as they are created.

6.  Members can purchase additional memberships for their loved ones.  I will need a separate email address to grant them access to their own pages.

7.  Samples of the password pages would be as follows:  Genesis 1 Study, Theology, Bibliology, Pneumatology, Catholicism Doctrine Challenged, Romans 1:16-32 and The Reality Of Hell.


Downloadable/Printable PDF's - with the lifetime membership only

I have prepared 35 PDF documents to date that can be read online or downloaded for personal study or for teaching a class in your church or ministry.  I will be adding more as time permits.  They will cover a variety of subjects and will be mostly Christian content at the beginning.  I am considering adding some secular content that might be useful to both Christians and unbelievers alike.  The PDFs may be used for personal use or for teaching.   Making copies for a class or other teaching event is permitted.  Be sure to give the author credit.   Return to this page for news of any additions in the future.

A Growing Collection Of Public Domain Photos 

There will be a growing collection of public domain photos that can be used for blogs, websites or to make products such as cards and whatever for business use.  The current collection numbers 1883 and includes Varied background ImagesChristian Themed ImagesMiscellaneous Images and HeadersSunrise And Sunset ImagesMountain ImagesWater Images including Oceans, Lakes And Etc.Building ImagesAmerica ImagesBlank Variety ImagesCommunication Blanks (Various tools of communication)Celebration Blanks (Anniversary, Birthday and etc.)Wood And Frame Blanks70 Headers 960 X 301Earth And SpaceBalls And Round Things  There will be more images added as time permits as well as more variety of images.   Return to this page for news of any additions in the future.  

Coloring Pages For Your Children

I thought that this would be a very useful idea.  You could download and print out coloring pages that would entertain your children while you are busy surfing the internet or doing online business or visiting on Facebook or Twitter or whatever you might be doing online and offline as well.  The pictures are simple enough and include variety.   Currently 70 pictures are available.

C R Lord Creations And Some Memes

I saved this one for last.  I did a whole bunch of pictures with words on them.  Some have poetry on them.  Some are Christian and others are political and others are whatever I decide to create.  My daughter looked at them and told me that they were not memes.  That was news to me, and I had to relearn what a meme was so the pictures offered here will be a combination of memes and some whatever you want to call the others.  They are in a variety of categories such as quotes, poetry, political, american or patriotic and whatever else I can come up with.  Best of all they are included with every membership and can be downloaded and used on blogs or websites or whatever you like.  They are copyrighted so please be sure to give credit to the author.