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In the year twenty sixteen,

Donald Trump came on the scene,

Telling people o'er our land,

'Bout some things that he had planned.

He believed that he was sent,

To be America's President,

And felt the call to save this nation,

From evil men and globalization.

From every house and every steeple,

This joyous news came to the people,

Oppressive leaders cowed in fear,

As the news traveled far and near.

The crowds began to fill each place,

Where Donald Trump would show his face,

The throngs cheered loudly as he spoke,

Relating with the common folk.

The enemies of freedom's land,

Just couldn't seem to understand,

How could they lose to such a man,

When they had the Hillary plan.

But citizens are not the fools,

Or gullible and ignorant tools,

The senators mistook them for,

Deplorables and nothing more.

The more the news spread every day,

The more intense was their dismay,

As voters showed up more and more,

In numbers greater than before.

The bitter clingers came awake,

And voted for their country's sake,

The crooked leaders and the press,

Began to panic in distress.

They went berserk and it was plain,

They'd never be the same again,

When Donald Trump went on to win,

Despite the lies that they could spin.

Across the land the folks rejoice,

Knowing they regained their voice,

The President spoke loud and clear,

There'd be some serious changes here.

Since taking over he has shown,

What all Americans should have known,

That Donald Trump stood by his word,

He soon became a "twitter" bird.

And passing by the lying press,

Began to straighten out the mess,

Created by the PC losers,

And shutting down the false accusers,

He openly exposed the fools,

And weak, impotent Soros tools,

Checking "fake news" as he went,

Leaving them to rage and vent.

Attackers came all in for war,

Who never saw his ilk before,

He brushed them off like little flies,

And vanquished all their blatant lies.

Today he stands so firm and tall,

As one by one his enemies fall,

Unmoved by their sheer treachery,

He battles on for you and me.

Make America great again,

The call rings out for loyal men,

To join this glorious President,

Restoring citizen's government.

A free republic lives once more,

We'll show the liberal host the door,

And walk with heads high once again,

Among all nations and all men.

Almighty God whose wondrous grace,

Restored our nation to its place,

We bow to thank you for your love,

So freely given from above.

We thank your for our President,

Who we believe that you have sent,

Grant him great love and wisdom too,

For all that he will have to do.

Strengthen him for this daunting task,

And keep him safe is all we ask,

As he continues and would feign,

Make America great again.

C. R. Lord © December 29, 2017