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The poem below was created for all who espouse liberalism in the extreme which would be democrats, socialists and globalists.  Control freaks who believe the picture above is a true representation of how life should look if they could only gain control of America.  Cleaning up such a pathetic mess never occurs to them because they enjoy creating messes and hate to think anyone wouldn't be pleased with the mess they leave behind them everywhere they visit.


I invite you all to come,

To visit Liberal-Eseum,

Where we love creating schism,

Essential joys of liberalism.

You can join with Antifa,

Get in someone's face,

Leaving blood and bruises,

And trashing every place.

You're free to act like thugs,

It's loads of thrilling fun,

Wearing your black hood and mask,

And keeping enemies on the run.

As long as Mr. Soros,

Supplies a lot of cash,

We'll keep breaking windows,

And overturning trash.

We'll burn a lot of cars,

And beat up people too,

Because that's what we're paid,

Lots of bucks to do.

When the rioting's over,

We'll run back to our place,

Hoping nobody will find us,

And see our unmasked face.

You see in Liberal-Eseum,

We think we've seen the light,

What most folks would call wrong,

We believe is right.

We're just out there trying,

To do our little part,

To prove that white is black,

And swamps are works of art.

So come along and join in,

Breed chaos, greed and fear,

For those are what we live for,

And what we hold most dear.

If you don't think as we do,

You're bigoted and blind,

We think you'll miss the greatest truth,

That you could ever find.

Drop independent thinking,

Start following the crowd.

And move in blind obedience,

Where thinking's not allowed.

Consider all the mental stress,

You're going through today,

Let someone else control your mind,

And stress will fade away.

Move in today; enjoy the peace,

And soak in liberal light,

Come live in Liberal-Eseum,

Where day is always night.

Where fun is always boring,

Where crassness reigns supreme,

And stark reality's not found,

The liberal's perfect dream.

I guess I ought to warn you,

That facts cannot be found,

If truth should be discovered,

We'll turn that truth around.

Outsiders are not welcome,

To visit our safe space,

If you should challenge anything,

We'll get in your face.

And you will have to leave there,

Though why you'd want to stay,

Remains an unsolved mystery,

To this very day.


The world we choose to live in,

Has challenges – that's true,

But unlike Liberal-Eseum,

You're free to think it through.

You're free to make life better,

Than it has been before,

And live at peace within yourself,

And gain a whole lot more.

And if you have compassion,

And if you really care,

Go rescue some from liberal lies,

And maybe some might dare,

To listen to the words you bring,

And find truth's better understood,

Outside of Liberal-Eseum,

Where life is really good.

C R Lord © 10/19/2018 8:18 PM

Revised 2/22/2019 9:47 AM