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Kentucky Teen Challenge

We arrived at Kentucky Teen Challenge in May of 1982 to find that our quarters were in a portion of a small garage. I can't remember anything about that garage except that we made do with it. Chris, our second child was born on September 9, 1982, and we were happy to have a place to live and bring him home to.

Kentucky Teen Challenge was a teenage girls program run by Reverend Jim Franklin. He was virtually running the program by himself and had no time for vacation or much else. We were a welcome addition to the staff and were able to give him some help as we got familiarized with the girls and the program itself.

We had one girl who was strong-willed among the small group of what I remember to be five altogether.  I was basically a teacher and Bev was involved in ministering to the girls whenever she could while raising Sam and dealing with the issues concerning her pregnancy and going to the appointments necessary during that time to keep a check on her and the new baby.  It was 

one stubborn girl that kept us busy including one night running out of the ministry into the streets where I was able to find her after a long time looking.  She turned out to be better before our time there was over though.  When Chris was born the girls loved him and enjoyed him and Sam 

being there.  The children mellowed out the whole house.  

When it was time for Chris to be born I went to work painting a house pretty far from where Bev was but by a phone.  I wanted Bev to go with me that morning but for whatever reason she didn't or would not.  She told me she would be alright so I went ahead to work. I got a call about mid afternoon and she was in labor and I had a very interesting trip to get to where she was and then from there to the hospital.  I think Chris came about two hours later.  I know it was very close.  So now we had one son born in Indiana and another born in Kentucky and neither of us was from either of those places.

After a while Jim Franklin, the executive director told us he was going to take a vacation. He drew all the money out of the Teen Challenge bank account and left me in charge. When I checked the bank we had no money in our account for Teen Challenge, and I had no choice but to call the church that gave us the most support and tell them we needed help and needed it right away.  

The end of it was that the program was shut down and the girls returned home.  My wife and I stayed on and sold off the assets of the program and then we were given our back pay and there was nothing left for us but to return to Pennsylvania.  We couldn't go live at the Bible college and we had no way to start renting property so we stayed with some good friends who also had children of their own. 

That lasted for a short while until we got an invitation to be part of a ministry in upstate New York called His Farm Fellowship.  The pastor was Jay Francis who had a wife and six children.  He invited us to come and we didn't ask for anything but a place to stay and food to eat.  We learned some valuable lessons after we arrived.  It was February 1983 and it was very cold in the country outside Berne, New York.  The road leading into the farm was wet and muddy.