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Itty Bitty Man

Look at the picture in the header above

The picture is a very small portion of the ocean in Ocean City, Maryland. I took the photo while watching a man slowly walking down the beach. After I downloaded this photo to view on my computer I saw the person and immediately I remembered the words of Isaiah 40:17 and this picture brought the words of that scripture strongly into my heart. Consider that this photo represents a very tiny, insignificant part of the world we live in; one beach in one state on one side of an immense continent in a much larger world.

Isaiah 40:17 reads; "All the nations before him are as nothing, and they are counted to him less than nothing, and vanity." Consider what this verse is saying. Consider the following statement:

According to the United Nations, world population reached 7 Billion as of October 31, 2011. Obviously our population has increased quite a bit in the last five years but this count will do for

my illustration.  If 7 billion people exist in all the nations of the world, and God sees all the nations as nothing and less than nothing then how does he see one single individual walking 

along the immense ocean or compared to the entire universe?  It is mind boggling to try to understand such comparisons!

Now consider the video below dealing with how mankind is vastly ignorant of who they really are, and that we think far too much of ourselves and our meager accomplishments.

In the light of the photo above and the video presentation can anyone rightly think of man as anything spectacular in and of himself without rejecting the teaching of the scriptures? While man is a complex being from the top of his or her head to their toes; it is only the gracious creative power of God that has made us anything. It is only fitting that he is the one who receives all the glory, honor and praise!

There have been some foolish people who have commented that they believe God is an egoist craving attention. That somehow he needs mankind to worship so he can feel complete. I said "foolish" and I meant it. Long before God created mankind and this planet for man to live on he existed without mankind and was complete in himself.  He never needed mankind and he still doesn't need mankind - mankind needs him. It is absurd to believe that somehow God was lonely as the only being who wasn't created, and that in his loneliness he created mankind out of need. The Godhead consists of three persons in one and their interaction with one another never left a vacuum. They're always fully in agreement including when man was created.   Genesis 1:26 

states that God said the following words: "Let US make man in OUR IMAGE and in OUR LIKENESS."  That was just before Adam was created. Jewish scholars agree that there is more than one person in the Godhead but they exclude Jesus because they are still waiting for their Messiah. Jesus already claimed to be their Messiah and he also claimed to be God which is why religious Jews forced his execution. (Read John 10:30-33)  One other consideration.  If God was speaking about OUR image he had to be speaking to someone equal to himself. He certainly wouldn't be speaking to one of his created beings such as angels.  Further, the image he was speaking of was "spirit" in nature - not physical as proven in John 4:24.

Back to the Godhead.  If you were to study the scriptures you would notice after a while that all three persons in the Godhead are credited with attributes of deity in the Old and New Testaments. That will take some honest and subjective research, but any seekers after truth will be up to the challenge and follow through to find that claim to be valid. It could be that I will be able to create 

a page dealing with that issue but that will have to be postponed for now.

So itty bitty man was created by a magnificent God who fills the universe and a right and clear understanding of scripture will certainly make it obvious that God deserves praise not only for 

what he has done but for who he is. More on that as I continue to build on this website. Below is 

a brief comparison between God and man that is interesting and might rattle some people; especially those who deem themselves to be great!

God is perfect in all his ways ------- Man is vile, imperfect and loves evil

God is pure and holy ------- Man is impure from birth and unholy

God is infinite (unlimited in every way) ------- Man is finite (very limited in every way)

God is all powerful (Omnipotent) ------- Man is weak and fearful, limited in power

God knows everything completely ------- Man is unwise and foolish knowing very little

God is present everywhere ------- Man can only be in one place at a time

God is sovereign master and Lord ------- Man falsely believes he rules his own destiny

God's word is fixed law forever ------- Man's laws will change and die with time

God is faithful even when we are not ------- Man is vacillating in his affections

God's love is perfect and unchanging ------- Man knows nothing of genuine love

God is merciful ------- Man is vindictive in seeking revenge

God sacrificed his Son for mankind ------- Man curses and rejects Christ in ignorance

I would say that God gets the short end of the deal. He accepts our wickedness and he forgives our many transgressions against him and we reap the benefits of his great love.

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Four more reminders of how small we really are!

The head of a human being in comparison to the ocean
One little man against the vast ocean and the sky above
Three people clearly showing how puny mankind really is
Find the man on the left side between water and sand

Psalms 8:3-4 -- "When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, 

the moon and the stars which thou hast ordained; WHAT IS MAN that 

thou are mindful of him, and the son of man that thou visitest him?"