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In A Rush

I look around this world we're in,

See folks rush here and there,

And wonder why they don’t slow down,

Perhaps they wouldn’t dare.

So many deadlines must be met,

We scurry to and fro.

Perplexed, distressed, just worried sick,

‘Bout what we do not know.

We’ll miss the train, the bus, the plane,

Oh hurry, don’t be late.

We rarely think to plan ahead,

We’re in an awful state.

Appointments press upon our minds, 

The dentist’s chair at two. 

Then school to get the kids, then home, 

Oh, what are we to do? 

The supper must be done by five, 

When Dad comes home to eat. 

Oh hurry up, we must get dressed, 

We have our friends to meet. 

Rushing here and rushing there, 

We ramble on and on. 

Impatiently, we fret and stew, 

Our sanity is gone. 

My friend, God never meant for us 

To fuss and worry so. 

But look to Him and calmly trust, 

He’ll keep us as we go. 

If we’ll just listen to His voice, 

He’ll make His purpose clear. 

There’ll be no need for us to rush 

As we serve Him down here. 

C. R. Lord © 2007