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If You Were Marooned

The Question Asked Is

If you were marooned with one other person, would it make any difference what their religion was? So many people criticize others' religion. My question is "If you were marooned with one person, would it really make any difference what their religion was? Wouldn't such things as any religious differences become unimportant in a situation like that? How about their ethnicity or race?

How would you answer the question?  If you were a religious person, if you were an atheist, if you were into eastern religion or as a Christian?  What if you were a secularist or humanist who didn't care one way or the other about religion?  What if you were a philosopher or a scientist? There are other possible, even plausible or at least seemingly plausible perspectives on this.

From My Christian Perspective

Personally I would think that, in that situation, if I thought there was no hope that we would ever escape or be found then what the person believed would be of great importance to me.  It would matter more than anything else at the time because I believe our eternal destiny is inseparably tied with what we will choose to believe at the time of our death or, in this case, our impending death!

First and foremost is that if that person and I were to die in that place I would want to be sure they had the absolute assurance that they were prepared for life after death.  As a Christian I would have to be the most uncaring person that ever lived if I held the truth from someone who was dying that could give them an eternity of peace and love in God's presence.  Because I know beyond all doubt that such peace is available to every person who will believe, I would be ecstatic to see that other person receive Christ as their Savior and Lord before it was eternally too late.  To take one soul to Heaven with me would be worth more than anything on earth!

The person’s background, race or creed would not make any difference to me because Christ died for all men, women and children who would believe in their hearts that He came to save them from sin, death and Hell. God is not a respecter of persons. In other words, He is not prejudiced and will save all that will call upon Him from a humble and honest heart.

I can imagine entering God's presence and bringing along my friend who I was marooned with while all the angels and saints of God were rejoicing with us and praising God for his mercy to us. What a wonderful time it would be!   What more could anyone ask than to take someone to Heaven with them as the final act of their life?  What an awesome gift from God to be used that way!

What Do You Think?

Why do you think the way you do on this issue? Are you absolutely sure that what you believe is right? Why do you believe that? Have you been taught in a certain way to believe what you believe? Who were your teachers? Were they reputable or just expressing their opinion? 

Are you merely expressing your opinion while refusing to accept anything that might disprove 

what you believe? Are you afraid of being wrong?  If you have held your belief for a long period of time, is the idea that you could be wrong difficult to deal with? Why? 

Can you take constructive criticism about what you believe or even strongly antagonistic attacks on your beliefs?  Does it make you angry if you can't control the conversation or you can't get those who argue against your beliefs to accept them?  Are you a bigot?  Is your mind closed to the possibility that you could have been wrong for many years, and it frightens you to think of what changing your mind would do to your world and everyone in your sphere of life?  Do you fear losing friends if you change your thinking and begin to act on it? Are you willing to allow people to believe what they will without having negative attitudes toward them or rejecting their offer to be your friend? These are very real questions that need to be asked and answered about everything we believe if we intend to deal honestly in all things.

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