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God's Perfection

Matthew 5:48 - "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect."


For an imperfect being to perfectly understand a perfect being is an

utter impossibility!   
We stretch our limited imaginations to the breaking point and yet never understand this quality of completeness and independence!  Perfection is unalterable because it is already all that it can be or ever will be.

If God were able to change he would either be lesser than he is now or greater than he is now. To be lesser would be to be imperfect, and to be greater would make him imperfect as well because if he could change once in any way, he could change at any other time to a greater or lesser being. It's because God is unchangeable that we can trust him to be everything he says he is at all times.  Mankind will always be vacillating; trusting to his emotions and as unstable as water.  God alone can be implicitly trusted to never fail us!

God is perfect in every way.  When he loves his love is the most complete love that can possibly be, and when he is angry or filled with wrath his anger and wrath are the most complete that can be.  His knowledge is perfect, his mercy is perfect, his power is perfect, his understanding of all things is perfect, his compassion is perfect, his judgments are perfect, and so there is nothing about him in any aspect of his being, character or attributes that is not as complete as it will ever be at any time.  This is something that offends rebellious men who love to believe better of themselves than they ought to, and who hate God because they want to attain to his stability and power and never can!   In their spiritual blindness they reject absolute truth and run to and fro 
in the earth and die without hope,hardened in their hearts and despised by those they misled during their lifetime.   Why should I attribute spiritual blindness to the unregenerate heart?  The Bible is very clear on this issue that those outside of Christ are not only spiritually blind but spiritually dead in their sin and trespasses against a holy God.   Salvation is the only cure for all blindness or ignorance of spiritual truth because at the point of salvation our spiritual eyes are opened for the first time in our life, and we are able to see life as it really is.  We then understand that the spiritual realm is more real than the physical realm.

Consider that God cannot sin.  If he were able to sin one time he would no longer be perfect and he would no longer be God.   James 1:13 - “God cannot be tempted with evil.”   For God - “God cannot be tempted with evil.”   For God
to be perfect he has to be free from temptation, and because he cannot sin, temptation has no place in him.  He is the only flawless one in the universe, and those who have placed their trust and hope in him are blessed beyond their wildest imaginations!

What a blessing this is to those who trust him and desire to serve him and bring glory and honor 
to him!   How is it not possible to believe in this great   God who is the most consistent being to ever exist in the realms of time and eternity?   Consider that when he loves you his love is never one degree colder or one degree hotter than it ever has been, is right this moment or ever will be.  Is there anyone we know who is more worthy of our trust?   This is the most delightful thing about God!   It puts its seal on all the other attributes! Perfection enhances, fortifies, amplifies and should vastly increase our appreciation of all his other attributes!        HE IS MORE THAN WORTHY OF ALL THE PRAISE WE CAN GIVE HIM!

Psalms 18:3 - "I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised; so shall I be saved from mine enemies."   Isaiah 40:22 - "It is he who sits upon the circle of the earth and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers."   ALL HIS WAYS ARE PERFECT!

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