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                                            heaven and the earth."  Genesis 1:1                                                                                                                                

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Genesis One In Rhyme

Genesis One

In the beginning God
First words in Genesis
Created Heaven and earth
A perfect work was this.

“Let there be light,” He said,

And darkness fled away.
So God created day and night
And that was the first day.

Then on the second day

The waters did divide
God made the firmament above
And oceans deep and wide.

The dry land next appeared

At our Great God’s command
Then grass and trees and lovely flowers
That third day filled the land.

The fourth day sun and moon

And stars in bright array
Were set in Heaven by our God
To light the night and day

The waters teemed with fish

And music filled the air
As birds sang out on the fifth day
A swelling, grateful prayer.

The sixth day He made beasts
According to His plan
Then crowned His great creation
And made a perfect man.

Then, from the man, a woman

And everything was blessed
And finally a seventh day
Was set aside for rest.

For years these things remain

No season in remiss
Thus showing clearly God’s great power
In one of Genesis.

My friend, do you know Him

Without whom none can live
Who breath and health and strength and life
To every man doth give?

If not, seek Him today

He holds so much in store
For those who love Him he bestows
True joy forevermore.

His peace will fill you here

And far beyond all this
For He alone deserves your trust
The God of Genesis.

C. R. Lord © 2007