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Genesis Chapter One

Scripture Meditations on Genesis Chapter One

C. R. Lord © March 12, 2012

Genesis is aptly titled "The Book Of Beginnings" by some. The book is a record of many beginnings including the creation, the human race, marriage, the family, nations, government,the call to God and much more. Genesis is the prelude to the Bible narrative and to every book through Revelation where the end of all things is decreed. It is vitally important that we grasp what is written in Genesis in order to have the right perception of the entire Bible!

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning - I have read this many, many times but I never taken into account just what this is speaking about. Since eternity has no beginning or end, I surmised that it could not be speaking of eternity because eternity always has existed, exists now and will continue to exist eternally. Eternity has been compared to a wedding band which is a circle that seems to have no beginning or end.  While that may have a “ring” of truth to it, I am sure it is hardly a complete understanding of what eternity really is.  The only other option that I could think of was that this phrase is speaking about the beginning of time.  So the picture would look something like this. Eternity was continuing on as it has always done when time suddenly dropped in.  Time continues on for a while along with eternity, but eventually time ends while eternity continues on without end.   This is jaw dropping information because we are “finite people trying to grasp infinite concepts.”  I used to try to stretch my imagination to understand eternity and I gave up for a while until I had someone share a couple of great illustrations with me that at least helped me to some degree.

Illustration One – Imagine that the earth was a ball of grains of sand, and imagine that a bird came and took one grain of this sand and carried it off to the farthest reaches of the universe and then returned. Imagine that bird doing this until the earth was completely moved. How long do you think it would take to finish the job one grain of sand at a time? I didn't have a clue because the figure had to be astronomical!

Now in reference to what distance the bird traveled; I saw a science dvd that proclaimed that we  can see 15 billion “light years” from our planet. I am not familiar with how long a light year is, but my imagination began to roll, and I thought to myself, “It would take 30 light years to move a single grain of sand that far and return. To move 100 single grains of sand that far and return would take 3000 light years. The earth would be composed 

of many, many grains of sand in incomprehensible numbers, but just one million would be 30 million light years of travel, and that would only be the beginning of eternity. Then I had to face the truth that. if the Bible is correct,then each and every person who ever existed or will exist will spend that much time in either the Lake of Fire or on the New Earth of Revelation, Chapter 21. That thought brought me to the realization that nothing 

on earth surpasses the need to be ready for eternity when we experience physical death and our immortal spirits will have to deal with irreversible and inescapable consequence of their lives after giving an account of everything to a holy God whether we are prepared or not.

Illustration Two – On a similar note, the second idea required some imagination on my part but it seems less strenuous to consider it. Imagine that the earth is a solid steel ball. Now imagine that a common flea was able 

to walk around the earth in a straight line over and over gradually creating a tiny path that eventually grew deeper and deeper until the earth fell in half. That would only be the beginning of eternity.

I began to see that my study of the scripture and my understanding of it was very shallow at best, and so I decided to start this quest to gain everything that I can from studying it because the importance of what it contains must not be diminished but rather amplified for me so that what I present to others will be more than superficial and even more important that it will lead them to peace with the God of the Bible that comes through Jesus Christ alone.

Well, the next word in this verse is God.  My best understanding of this word is that it is the Hebrew word Elohim which speaks of duality in the Godhead. This is understood by Jewish and Christian scholars even though it comes out more in the Christian faith which proclaims a trinity in unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. The Jewish people do not subscribe to Jesus Christ as the Messiah so they reject him as part of the Godhead as well.

I find it quite interesting that God just suddenly shows up unannounced and gives no explanation at the beginning of who he is.  Of course, those who “study” the Bible know something about who he is, but our finite minds can't really grasp the totality of who God is because he is perfect in every aspect of his being and we don't relate to perfection because we are imperfect and sinful. Once we study the scriptures carefully we come to the knowledge that God is the only being who wasn't created, and that he always was, is and will always be.  He never had a beginning or an end, and he is eternally the same because perfection cannot be altered in any way.  So when the scriptures declare that God can't change they are merely saying that for him to be in any way less or more than he is now would make him to be an imperfect creature like us and he would no longer be God.

The next word in this verse is “created.” We think of creating something, and we have to begin with something that already exists and alter it to create something new or different. God's creative ability far transcends anything that we can imagine with full understanding because his creative ability is unlimited.   Moreover, God made things from things that didn't exist and he made them merely by speaking them into existence.  All throughout the narrative of creation we see these words; “God said, and it was so.”   He just had to say the word and elements either came into being or things were spoken into existence from elements that already existed.  I am awed and amused by this great thought!  I am awed because it really illustrates God's amazing power, and amused by those who try to explain it away through the devastating deception that is evolution.        I am also sad that there are Christians who somehow have declared that they believe in theistic evolution combining truth with a lie under the guise of “academics under girding the Bible”  as if the Bible needed support from human rationalizing posing as honest scholarship.  Evolution is a direct refutation of the Genesis account, and it would do these compromising Christians a lot of good to drop this attempt to be all things to all men.

The rest of this opening verse speaks of the heaven and the earth.”  It is noteworthy that heaven is not in the plural.  When we read the writings of David in Psalms 19:1 he speaks of the “heavens.” The apostle Paul speaks of being caught up into the third heaven, so the singular use of the word here must be considered.  Without referring to any resource but my imagination and human understanding, I have to believe that this is speaking of the sky that we see above us every day.  What a glorious creation it is!  Without our permission it changes from a beautiful clear blue to a threatening black or gray when a storm approaches. The clouds that fill the sky also change in the same way. It is even said in scripture that men understand the weather by looking at the sky including the brilliant orange and red sunrises and sunsets. That is another thing that is incredible to me. What did God put inside us that lets us know a weather pattern without even consulting a weather station or other means of predicting the weather. Well, that is another study which I am not going to enter into here. Earth is also in the singular. We know and have known for some time that there is only one earth in this vast universe that we live in, and it's the one planet that we know of that will sustain life.  It is the only life-sustaining planet that we are fully aware of even as we travel through space seeking to find more such places.

This God mentioned in the first verse of Genesis knew full well what was to be necessary to our survival as each preceding creation will clearly reveal. So, to reiterate what was just shared from this single verse let me.  

No, I am not going to rewrite all that is written above or even try to condense it.   I will leave it to the readers to do that if they desire it or find it necessary or to profitable for them. The only thing I would say at this point is that as much as I was able to find in this one verse, I am sure beyond all doubt that there is much more that I haven't even thought of. You see, God is so vast and his word so complete that we can only venture to understand it.  It is like standing on the seashore and staring out over the ocean.  We see the surface, but we do not understand the depth and breadth of the ocean, and despite all man's best attempts at searching and discovering both of those things we have never yet been able to get to the bottom of the ocean or examine it fully yet.  It is beautiful for all of us to behold and holds much mystery to stir our imaginations and drive us to go deeper and deeper in our discovery, but sadly many who seek to understand the creation fail to see the creator in it.   This sad tragedy cannot be understated because the eternity that is hinted at in this verse 

beckons everyone sooner or later,and then we will all see the creator as either our advocate or our judge.  To the unbeliever who reads this book, I offer you the most wonderful gift ever presented to men anywhere in the universe; salvation through Jesus Christ who came to earth, lived, died and resurrected that you might know this holy God as Father and deliverer and enjoy eternal life in his presence in a place of complete peace and joy that will never end.  To the Christians reading this I leave a challenge. Upgrade your concept of eternity and where you and others will find themselves during that unending existence.  If you will do this, I believe that you will cry out to God to break your heart for the lost and dying world around you in such a way that it will cause you to pray and act for their benefit by preparing yourself to present the gospel to as many as you can while you still have breath. Now, let's go on to the second verse.

Genesis 1:2

And the earth was without form and void.  Obviously the earth had a shape, so the word form cannot mean shape.  I believe without form means it was an empty place, a wilderness or a place that was desolate and empty.  Until then it seemed to have no purpose or meaning to its existence.  I think of a desert with no visible signs of life, barren, maybe even hot and undesirable. So then, with this in mind, we see that God took something that seemed of little worth to the natural eye and totally revamped it so that it became beautiful.  This is expressed in the first two verses of the poem “Our World” as expressed below.

Our world, Created from chaotic mass Concealed in darkness, open to our God

Devoid of life as we know life to be Where foot of man, nor beast had ever trod.

Our world, but for our God's creative power Would lie unfruitful, cold and fully dead,

But in God's Word the story is revealed That God brought light and life and love instead.

Copyright © 2007 by C. R. Lord

The verse continues, “And darkness was upon the face of the deep.”  This picture is a frightening one, but it brings to mind the scripture that states that darkness and light are all the same to God. (Psalms 139:12)   Mankind has always been afraid of the dark.  I remember coming home on dark nights as a boy and every sound seemed amplified to me.  Every rustle of a bush, and every noise nearby made my imagination run amok with fear.  I believe every person who lives on earth experiences this at one time or the other, however God can see everything clearly no matter what condition it is in because he brings his glorious light to bear on everything. Darkness cannot stand in his presence and those who follow the ways of evil or spiritual darkness flee from his presence while those who love God run to the light for shelter and protection and the love God brings to them.  What is the deep spoken of here?  I must believe that the deep spoken here is the ocean or perhaps the valleys of the earth or both. But in consideration of the rest of the verse which tells us “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” I believe it is saying the Holy Spirit moved on the surface of the ocean.  This then is a declaration that the Holy Spirit had some part in the creation and in my thinking is one of many proofs that the Holy Spirit is indeed part of the Godhead.

Genesis 1:3

Here we have the first record of God speaking, “And God said.”  The old commercial that used to play over and over on television stated “when E F Hutton speaks, everyone listens.”  When I heard that I laughed and replied, “Even E F Hutton listens when God speaks.”

God never wastes words because all his ways are perfect and there is no waste in perfection.  The results were simple.  God commanded light to come forth and the Bible proclaims “and there was light.”  When God speaks things begin to happen that nobody and nothing could prevent from happening.

Genesis 1:4

“And God saw the light that it was good, and God divided the light from the darkness.”  If you follow the narrative of this first chapter you will see that everything God created was followed with his approval “it was good.”   But when it came to the creation of man the Bible tells us that “it was very good.”   (Genesis 1:26-27) Man is the crown of God's creation, made in his image and after his likeness.   But then let's not get 

ahead of the story. God also divided the light from darkness.  There is a spiritual parallel here in that children of light and children of darkness must forever remain separated by the gap created by sin.   Just as nothing evil can enter into God's kingdom, nothing good will ever enter into the Lake of fire where the children of darkness will be forever.  Two kingdoms; one of darkness and evil and one of light and great love and peace – eternally separated from one another because there is no common ground between them.  It is God's mercy that separates the two which would be in eternal conflict.

Genesis 1:5

“And God called the light day, and the darkness he called night, and the evening and the morning were the first day.”  Who else would have the right to name anything in all creation but God himself?  As we shall see later, God allowed mortal man to name some things.  I believe it was so that man might begin to utilize the creative ability that God passed on to him in creation. So we have day and night (one day) or as the rest of the verse says, the evening and the morning were called the “first day.”   There have been arguments concerning the meaning of the word day in this verse and the preceding verses, but my best understanding of it is that the word "yom" is a Hebrew word that when used with a number as in "the first or second day, etc. means a literal 24-hour day just like we observe now.  While it is interesting to consider other ideas concerning this, I personally don't consider it of any great importance because it has no bearing on my eternal welfare, and so, must be put in its proper perspective.  The button at the bottom of this page leads to more extensive information concerning this issue.

Genesis 1:6-7

“And God said, let their be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.”  To get the full impact of this we must continue on with verse seven which states; “And God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament, and it was so.”   Putting these two verses together it is relatively easy to believe that the firmament spoken of in these verses is the sky that we can see above the earth.  Then the waters above the firmament would be the water held in store for the rain, and the waters below the firmament would be the oceans, rivers, creeks and other bodies of water that we know of across the world.  Once more God spoke, and God made it happen and, as it is when God speaks, it was so.

Genesis 1:8

Here is a confirmation of my previous thought. “And God called the firmament heaven, and the evening and the morning were the second day.  Rather than type out each verse at this point I will merely comment on it and leave the reader examine individual verses for themselves.  I am using the King James Version of the Bible, so to get the fullest and best understanding of how I am seeing this it would be a good idea to use an online KJV or one of your own if you have one.

Genesis 1:9-10

Once more we begin with God speaking and commanding the waters to be gathered together into one place and the dry land to appear. The verse continues on to talk about “seas” which is in the plural so that I have to believe this speaks of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and perhaps the Red Sea and other such bodies of water.   It obviously isn't speaking of rivers, creeks and streams.  To keep from being redundant, I will make a final note that God speaks and “it was so” runs through the creation story.   Note that the dry land was called Earth, and that is what we know it as to this day.

Genesis 1:11-12

God continues to command and grass appears, followed by herb yielding seed (after his kind),whose seed is in itself upon the earth.  In addition, verse 12 tells us that there were also trees yielding fruit with seeds (after his kind).  This is a very important thing to know because the phrase “after his kind” is a direct refutation of evolution's claims that are found in Darwin's “tree of life” which show various life forms changing into other life forms.   After his kind is a clear statement that “oranges don't come from apple trees or apple tree seeds.”   Amoebas didn't eventually become frogs which changed into another life form and so on up to the final change where man evolved from monkeys. The differences between life forms is so obviously pronounced that to believe in Darwin's theory of progression would take a faith surpassing all faiths. To increase the improbability of evolution's tree we need only consider that there is not one single transitional species existing on our planet to this day, and none has ever been observed or proven.

Everything God created had the seed of life in itself to produce its own kind.  So to simplify this; People come from people, Horses come from horses, Dogs come from dogs, Rabbits come from rabbits, oranges come from orange trees and all plants come from seeds in the plants that they originated from and produce the same plant.   The only variations coming from any of these examples are the result of cross-breeding such as mating a Collie with a German Shepherd dog.  It is also true of the plant world.  Man is incapable of creating anything with life without using something that already exists.  God alone is the author and sustainer of life, and for anyone to believe otherwise is an incredible stretch of the imagination.  It's true that many intellectuals who prefer their own opinions based on faulty research insist on denying God's Word in their quest to disprove him, however neither God, nor those who know him are impressed with man's futile attempted circumventing of the scriptures. The real issue here is that these people would rather believe a lie than have to admit that they will stand to give an account of their lives before the throne of this very God that they deny.  It is one of the saddest things I have ever encountered in life that mere finite mortals dare to challenge the infinite, immortal God of the universe with puny understanding originating in minds vastly inferior to the mind of God.  Isaiah 55:8-9

Genesis 1:13

So with the Earth and the Seas and the grass, plants, and trees the third day of creation is concluded and it was good.

Genesis 1:14-19

Here is the narrative of the fourth day of creation which begins with God speaking and a lot happening.  Here we see the creation of the sun, moon and stars.  The sun was created to rule the day and the moon to rule the night, and as a footnote the Bible says that “God made the stars also.” Then God set them in the heaven to give light to the earth or we mortals would be walking around in darkness all night and day. I don't know about you, but I love to look up at the star filled night and hunt for the big dipper and the little dipper and the North star and the constellations.  It is a grief to me that men follow foolishly after horoscopes and other such drivel and put their trust in stars rather than the one who created them!  The absurdity of it is astounding, and it seems ridiculous that anyone would ever choose to believe that the stars somehow affect their future.  I must confess that earlier in my own life I was ignorant enough to read and believe them myself.  A mere created heavenly body has no power to direct anyone's future.  They are merely a light form God chose to create for our benefit, and our trust is to be in him alone.  Trust in the stars is condemned in Isaiah 47:12-14  which speaks of the futility of all who do and their bitter end.

Genesis 1:20-23

Here we have an account of the fifth day of creation. God has decided to abundantly supply the earth with the living creatures we are all accustomed to seeing and/or hearing about.  He begins with the waters and then the fowls of the air.  It is important that we notice again in these verses that they are commanded to be fruitful and multiply “after their own kind.”   So whales were created to give birth to other whales as were all the other creatures that God created.  The propagation of each species was within itself.  There isn't evolution here and there is no way to explain it as an evolutionary process.  In addition, these verses make it clear that God created every living creature that is in the waters and every kind of fowl that is in the air.  Once again, it takes serious denial here to think that God meant anything other than what is stated in these verses.

Genesis 1:24-25

Here we see God command the earth to bring forth cattle, and every creeping thing and every beast, and once again it is clearly stated “after his kind.”  When God repeats something it is very important, and it is my firm conviction that God also repeats himself because man is so thick-headed and stupid about things that if he didn't repeat some of the most important things in scripture we would never get it.  Obviously, there are those who refuse to see truth even when it is presented by God over and over again so that there is no uncertainty for those who seek truth and value truth above their own opinion or finite ability to reason.  There is no genuine understanding of scripture apart from divine revelation which comes through God by the Holy Spirit at the point of salvation.  1 Corinthians 2:14 makes this very clear when it says; “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”  The natural man is a being who has no inclination toward God and lives by his own standard of judgment and finite understanding.  This person isn't capable of grasping even the slightest bit of truth until the Holy Spirit opens their eyes and calls them to repentance.   The moment that individual recognizes the truth of their sinful condition and their hopeless position through the conviction of the Holy Spirit  is the first moment that Spiritual truth comes through for them.  When they follow through on that conviction and repent of their sin and seek God to grant forgiveness with a humble spirit, they receive the first revelation of God.  When he transforms them from ungodly and unholy to longing to love, honor and obey God and live the rest of their lives to serve him and bring glory to him they find peace for the first time in their lives.  Apart from this there is no hope for the sinner but the judgment of God against their disobedience to his commandments and eternal separation from him.

Genesis 1:26-27

Here we see the crowning masterpiece of all God's creation.  Here we also see the first record of God speaking to someone, and this is vitally important to the Christian doctrine of the Godhead or the trinity.   In this verse God says, “Let US make man in OUR image and after OUR likeness.” There are many who have read this portion of the verse and erroneously believed that God was speaking about a physical image.  John 4:24 quickly corrects that by stating “God is a spirit,  and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”  A spirit has no physical body such as human beings have, and so the physical image of God cannot be verified in scripture.

Another false concept here is that some believe that God is speaking to angels or other created beings.  This borders on utter blasphemy.  The greatest Jewish scholars as well as the greatest Christian scholars both agree that this verse obviously implies more than one person in the Godhead.   For God to use the word “us”in reference to any personage other than an equal would be impossible because he cannot lower himself to speak to created beings as equals.  God is far above all created beings, so he would have to be speaking to someone who is equal to him in every way.  The Jewish community that has not yet recognized the trinity does so because they reject Christ as Messiah.  Even though one of their prophets clearly prophesied that “Emmanuel – God with us” would come, and the New Testament in the book of Matthew affirms this prophesy they refuse to acknowledge Christ as the third person of the Godhead.  The Jewish people were only looking for a conquering Messianic figure; not a suffering Savior, and being persuaded by the Pharisees and Sadducees and the scribes and lawyers they turned on him and demanded his execution. Some have finally acknowledged him as Messiah, but many others have not.  Christians believe that when God spoke in verse twenty-six of this chapter there was a meeting of the Godhead including the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and that since they always agree together on everything there was no difficulty acknowledging the words “us and our” when interpreting this verse.  So a physical being was created to house the spiritual being which was made in the image of God.   The physical being is merely a temporary home for the immortal being that lives inside. When the body ages and decays and dies, the immortal being inside is released into eternity and either descends to Hell or rises to join its Lord and Master, Jesus Christ in Heaven. There are also those who believe that the spirit goes to another place to wait for the final judgment of all men at the end of time.  At that time all men will be in a place of eternal damnation or eternal blessing.  One in a Lake of Fire and the other on a new Earth to be created after this current earth melts with fervent heat and is forever destroyed with all the wickedness and pollution in it.

Notice also that in verse 26 God  gave men dominion over every living creature on the earth.  While God has given men dominion over the earth, he also has given them accountability to go along with the responsibility to take care of the earth and the creatures that dwell on it.  Mankind has defiled the earth in many ways, and has become increasingly wicked over the centuries, and in turn this world has suffered more and more deterioration.  In our generation men have become ignorant of the scriptures  and what God requires of them, and as a result they have become more and more hostile to being corrected and admonished concerning their duty to their creator. We live in a time when men have been foolish enough to believe that God and his word are really inconsequential and irrelevant to them, and in many instances believe themselves wiser than God and his antiquated old book and ready to live without him and even to ban him from their society.  Some are even foolish enough to believe that there is no God and that man is the center of the universe and everything revolves around human beings and their welfare.  Others allow God into their sphere of life only as long as he doesn't interfere with their plans.   He is a sort of convenience item to them or a face that is put on when necessary to appear righteous to others.  Still others believe in God enough to pray to him as long as he doesn't make too many demands on them which would inconvenience them in any way.  More believe in God and the “sweets” of God's Word but push the requirements of scripture and the harsher realities of scripture away from them, somehow believing that God just wants them to enjoy his love and that is all that is required to live out their lives on earth.  Some are even willing to acknowledge God's requirements providing that his requirements don't demand too much that would take them out of their “comfort zone.”

There are a few, however, that believe in God and his Word, and they also believe he is to be obeyed no matter what it costs them.   These are the Christians who are willing to obey God without question and who are willing to pay the cost no matter if it means their own life is to be laid on the line.  They understand that their lives belong to God and that they really are only giving him what he has given them.  They know that if it weren't for God's mercy they would be eternally damned for their rebellion and wickedness and sin against him, and in deep gratitude \for his mercy they yield their lives to him to do what he pleases with them.   These are the true believers, and they live to love and serve God all their lives.  There is nothing that they would not do if God should ask it of them, and so they have a freedom from this world and the things of this world that others do not.  This in turn gives them a peace that passes the understanding of human beings who are somewhere between open rebellion against God and everywhere in between that sad state and haven't experienced absolute love and unconditional surrender to God.

Verse 27 continues on to tell us that God created man in his own image, and that image was passed on to both man and woman.  Did this make them equal in God's eyes?  I believe prior  to the sin of Eve equality was there for them both, but further study of the scriptures shows that because of the sin of Eve she was put in subjection to the man, and further study of scripture shows that this has not changed in spite of the many who would put them on an equal standing in this generation both in and out of Christian circles.  It should be obvious to even the most infantile mind that men and women are not equal in any respect.   Apart from the obvious differences such as physical makeup and the way the mind in each is set up, men are obviously superior in strength and are geared specifically for the heavier tasks in life.  Men are generally single-minded decision makers while women have difficulty with the smallest decisions because of their emotional makeup and differences in their mental makeup.  There are more differences but that's another subject.  Obviously there are men who don't act like men and women who don't act like women and in the eyes of some this is proof of their equality, however that is utter nonsense.

Before you write me off as a chauvinist you should consider that I have been married to my wife for over 37 years and have the greatest respect for her as a person, but in our home there is order because she is willing to submit to the authority given to me by God through his word.  In doing so she has not surrendered her womanhood but rather enhanced it.  She is very much loved by me and my children and is a woman any man would be proud and grateful to have for a wife. God is the most important person in her life and then me and the children and then everyone else. That is God's order for things, and anyone who believes different is certainly allowed to hold their opinion, however I am certain that opinion is contrary to the word of God.  I believe the fruit of our marriage is proof that what we adhere to has been very successful, and we have had many unsolicited testimonies to that fact from totally complete strangers as well as our landlord, neighbors, and our family and friends. All seven of our children have become Christians of their own choice, and those who have children are raising them for the glory of God.  Our children are not afraid to testify of their faith and to the best of our knowledge all seven of them are respected and loved by those who are associated with them.  Those who are married have married Christians who also hold strong beliefs in their allegiance to and service to Christ and those spouses are direct answers to our prayers concerning them.  We fully believe that God will bring the others spouses that will be of the same character and faith in God and He will be faithful in keeping them and all their children and grandchildren as long as the earth is permitted to exist prior to the day of when everyone will appear before the throne of God for judgment.  For those who choose to live otherwise be sure you are prepared to deal with the ultimate consequences of your choices.

Genesis 1:28-30 – God gives Adam and Eve instructions concerning all of life in the world he created for them.  The first command is to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it.                        Here is the beginning of families as they should be. One man and one woman having children and living to love and serve God and one another.  The world created for them was complete with everything they would need to live on it, and they had the presence of God to fellowship with him and guide them through life. This was a perfect situation. Man and God walked together in perfect harmony, and the whole world was at peace.  There was no killing of any kind,  no lust, no covetousness, no envy or pride or any other ungodly thing present in the hearts and minds of mankind.  The animals were also in tune with that peace and trusted man completely and they co-existed in harmony and love and peace.   Fear was not there in any respect and anger never entered their peaceful existence. They were like children with their father, and that  father was, and still is, the most loving being who could ever love because his love is eternally perfect.   Eden could rightly be called Paradise because that is what it was before sin entered into the picture.

They were also given dominion over the entire earth and everything in it.   What an amazing trust God was placing in these finite beings!  It is almost unthinkable!  That responsibility of mankind has never diminished, but it certainly has been severely violated as we have slowly defiled this planet in so many ways. We have taken so much of what God gave mankind for good and twisted and perverted it into vile and ungodly things. One example is how mankind has used various grains and plants to destroy themselves.  Some have been turned into products that have caused untold misery such as beer and other alcoholic beverages.   Some have been abused such as marijuana and certain derivatives  of that plant including hash and kief. I believe that is sufficient to give examples of our abuse of what God has intended for our good.   If the reader wishes to pursue this further there is plenty that can be researched out on the internet to provide solid proof of our abuse of the things God intended for our good.  In the animal kingdom as well as with our winged creatures and fish we can see evidence of man's greed and lack of concern for what has been provided for us as well.  Pollution and killing has destroyed a lot of that life or brought whole groups of life to an end through the extinction of a kind.

Rather than replenishing the earth we are slowly but surely destroying more and more of it with our carelessness or willful destruction.  In addition to the living creatures, we are also destroying resources through the pollution of streams and rivers and etc. and in so many other ways we are gradually crippling and destroying much that God has prepared for our use and survival. We have a great day of accounting coming, and God will bring every work into judgment whether we want to believe it or not.

God has even given us what we are to eat, but we have also ignored that to the detriment of our own health and the obvious obesity that is spreading more and more in countries where there is plenty.  Always when we violate what God has shown us to be good for us we suffer by our own choosing and our rebellion against his established laws set for our preservation.  We continue on blindly following our lusts and passions and always reap what we sow.  This will continue until the day when God says “It's enough” and time ceases and judgment comes to pass.  Then everyone of every persuasion; religious, heathen or Christian will completely understand how very real eternity is and how temporary life on earth was.  What a dreadful day that will be for those who have rejected God's rule over them in Christ, and what a glorious day it will be for those who have trusted Jesus alone for their salvation!

Genesis 1:31 – After saying his creation was good over and over in this chapter, God reviews everything and states that “it was very good.”  I believe that since God is absolutely complete in everything that he does that 

the world he created and everything in it was as good as it could ever possibly be. God never does things by halves.  He always finishes what he starts, and he finishes it in a way that is nothing short of perfect in every possible way.   So then, mankind was blessed above measure and entrusted with an awesome responsibility to maintain that which was given freely to them.   Adam and Eve also knew that God would be there to help them fulfill their responsibilities and to do whatever was necessary to see to their success in doing it.  They had the very best of everything that could ever be given to them, and they were free to make choices because God gave them dominion in making those choices.  He was not a dictator     forcing choices on them but offered them choices and enabled them to use their free will and  self-determination in doing what was right.  But with the free will came accountability for their choices and also the possibility of rejecting God's rule and forsaking his commandments set up for their own good.  The holy record shows that the woman, and then the man, chose to follow another master who deceived them into believing God would lie to them, and in listening to the deceiver they rebelled against God and sin entered the world.  The remainder of scripture is evidence that mankind never recovered from that foolish decision but rather embraced it for the most part, and that there were some who moved away from the rebellious crowd and chose to obey God instead.

History proves, that over the centuries that God has allowed this planet to exist, the world has divided into two very different camps; the obedient and the disobedient, the children of evil and darkness and the children of light, the children of the devil and the children of God, the wicked and the righteous and even many who appear righteous but do not have the righteousness that comes from God. That righteousness came through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ whose blood was shed to redeem mankind and restore the broken relationship between God and man.  These two camps will continue until time ends and the day of judgment reveals which camp everyone chose to be part of.  Life is a preparation for that day and for all that follows the day of judgment. The foolish will ignore this incredible truth and go on in what the Bible calls “willful ignorance”            of what God's Word teaches and the responsibility for every individual to consider what is written in it.  The wise will not only “study” what is written in the scriptures but will apply it to their lives because they are thankful for God's mercy and consider God's words to be of immense value to them concerning every facet of life both now and in eternity.  They are convinced that God's word will endure throughout eternity as that word itself proclaims it will, and that the best course of living for anyone on earth is to allow that word to guide them all day and every day and forever.

It is the most fervent hope of this writer that those who may read this study of Genesis, Chapter One will gain some insight that they have never had before, and that the insight will lead them to more seriously consider and examine the scriptures and obey them throughout the course of their lives on earth.  Time is precious and should not be wasted in frivolous pursuits that profit little or nothing.

It is my greatest joy that some who read this study will have already made this decision to love and serve the Lord! There is no greater joy or peace in life than living for Christ! The pursuit of God and his truth is paramount to the wise and must be the center of life to all those who would gain eternal life and the blessings and loving presence of God forever.

C R Lord © 8/19/2015