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Articles To Stir Your Thinking

There will be articles on this portion of the site that are meant to challenge the visitor's own thinking and, hopefully, to stir each visitor into considering more than just their opinions or long held beliefs.

None of the articles presented on this portion of the site are written with the intention to be inflammatory, ignorant, argumentative or offensive to any who come here. They are merely here for the visitors to read and consider if they wish. What the reader does with the articles is strictly for themselves to decide, and I am not going to get into arguments of any kind about any issue because that is not the purpose of this or any portion of the site.

It is my privilege as the sole creator of this site to express what I believe or to withhold from expressing what I believe where I believe it would be more profitable to avoid any needless misunderstandings or any confrontations. The positions that I take are strongly held beliefs based on evidence that I have gathered over the forty-two plus years as a Christian from reading as well from life experiences. My own life experiences have

been shared on my family site.

Once again, I must reiterate that this portion of the site is for reading and considering what you believe, and, if you wish, what I believe, and drawing comparisons that hopefully will benefit everyone who enters into the spirit of this site. It could be called an informational portion of this site in some respects, but it is intended to be so much more than that! This portion of the site deals with real life, day to day issues that might exist for some or that many will face or are currently facing. I am hoping that some of these articles will be very helpful to many people and that they will be challenging to all who might come here to more closely examine what they believe and why. It's as simple as that! Please don't complicate it!