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from the heart of a servant (volumes one and two)

From the Heart of a Servant volume one   ( CLICK THE BOOK TO PURCHASE IT).

C R Lord has put 34 years of Christian living into this book.  The book opens with a tribute to Jesus Christ, his godly wife  and their seven godly children.  It continues with a miniature testimony telling how God reached out in a surprising way to turn C R Lord from a drug dealing and drug using hippie.  It continues with poetry, articles covering a variety of subjects  and finishes with some worthy closing wisdom.  Below are the thoughts of men who express their appreciation and recommendation after personally reading this book by C R Lord (see our Lord).

"Once you begin reading this book by C R Lord, you will be convinced, as I have been that he is an apt man of letters, an agile poet and a creative and gifted writer." 

Rev., Dr. John Q. Kenzy, President YCIBI Bible Institute

"Knowing the author personally, and having read what I consider to be a wonder resource full of inspiring words.  I highly recommend this labor of love for the Lord Jesus."  Ronald Mueller, MBA  New York Times Best selling Author, The Ultimate Tax Reduction Guide   

Some excerpts from the FIRST book


"It's not the author's intent to be merely entertaining, but to produce a work that will minister to others.  It is the author's hope that what is presented here will draw others closer to God."


"Consider this.... If God can turn a foolish and Hell bound sinner like me from darkness to light, using me to reach others then he can also turn many others the same way........  What if Christians would go out into the highways and byways searching for people just like me who are bound by drugs, alcohol, lust and many other things.  We, through the power of the Holy Spirit could turn the world upside down for Christ.  Will we?"


"If these writings provoke others to serious self-examination, as is recommended in the scripture, that brings repentance and power to live as Christ has called us to live, then I will gladly be criticized, justly or unjustly, by those who are offended by my writing for whatever reason."  I stand firmly on Galatians 1:10 where Paul asks who we serve and admonishes us all.


"Oh that all men would come to know and love him!  There is no true peace without him who alone loves you more than you love yourself and more than anyone ever could love you."


"As you move through these pages, you will be encouraged, challenged and richly blessed as C R Lord calls on you to see God in every aspect of your life from raising children to loving and serving God with your whole heart.

From the Heart of a Servant is some of the most beautiful Christian poetry that exists today.  You will be awakened by the Almighty as you journey through the breath-taking imagery, traditional verses, and very well thought out structured rhyme and meter that only a true poet knows."

This little poem below expresses my motivation in presenting

these gifts from God, to you, the reader.  To him alone 

be all honor, glory and praise!


Should praise be given for a gift,

that God alone can give,

Yes, but to God be all the praise,

as long as we shall live.

For he is worthy of our praise,

our God, and him alone,

So friend, direct your praise to him,

for of it I'll have none.

He made my mind and heart to see,

when they were blind by sin,

He gave the love that teaches me,

to have deep peace within.

So if what's written here can bless,

your life when things look dim,

Just lift a thankful heart above,

and give the praise to him.

C R Lord © 2007

All New "From The Heart Of A Servant"  (Volume two)


Since his first issue of From the Heart of a Servant in 2008 C R Lord has written more poetry and articles holding them in store for his next book.  

Chapters Of The Book

Chapters will be entitled Children, Animals, The Things Of Life, Love and Marriage, Friends, Christian Living, Jesus and God, Personal Experiences, and Miscellaneous writings.    

By C R Lord in 2022

Now the writing of 14 years has been captured in  C R Lord's second edition of From the Heart of a Servant with all new poetry and other writings to bring the blessing of God to the hearts of men!

Something Very Special To C R Lord

The author wrote a poem to his godly, wonderful wife, Beverly titled 35 years and counting and shares it as the final article in the book.  They will celebrate 44 years together on January 7, 2023.