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The Poem below was written when I was traveling with a group of young people zealous for the Lord. We were charged falsely, arrested and imprisoned in Decatur, Illinois. Earlier in our travels we had to deal with the same type incident in Jacksonville, Florida. At this point in time I was a Christian for exactly eight months.

From A County Jail

By C. R. Lord - Written October 18, 1974

While in the Macon County Jail - Decatur, IL

From the Macon County Jail we send,

The love of a man who we call our friend,

Who has kept us strong despite the way,

We stumble consistently though each day.

Since our arrival the brothers have kept,

The catwalks, cells and bullpen swept,

And joyfully helped the inmates to,

Complete the tasks they're assigned to do.

The daily contention has practically ceased,

And patience and harmony have increased,

The hardest of hearts has paused to commend,

The love of this man who we call our friend.

Many have sought out this wonderful man,

Who conquers our problems as noone else can,

They trust in him more as the days come and go,

It seems there is nothing that he doesn't know.

A few seem to think they can make their own way,

And never consult him from day to day,

But oft' times they ask us how anyone can,

So openly bow to the will of one man.

We tell them how easily it can be done,

How faith is the key to accepting God's Son,

The one man we're sure of who never can fail,

In Heaven, or earth or the country jail.

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