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Enemies of the Republic

Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama -- from my personal study

The list of offenses attributed to this man are many more than any person(s), person or group that I can think of.  A major charge against him is his claim of racism against American citizens when both of them are racist to the core.  Objective study by someone who is not racist has proven over and over again that this charge against the citizens of America is false and that racism is very much what is in this couple.  I can be objective because I have had friends of every ethnic group for many years,  and I judged their character according to what they say and do rather than the color of their skin.  Among my many friends over the years I have never interacted with anyone who is racist because the people who I interact with are Christians of all races who love Jesus Christ.  The love of God includes loving our enemies which negates hatred or racism towards anyone because of their color or their words and/or actions against us.  

To accuse any genuine Christian of racism is a false accusation, misrepresentation or a deliberate lie. Obedience to God is the prerequisite to being considered a genuinely righteous Christian who believes his only righteousness is found in Jesus Christ.

Both Barack and Michelle attended Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years. Jeremiah Wright taught the theology of James Cone called "Black Liberation Theology."  Black Liberation teaching is clearly racist in that they desire the extinction of "whitey" by

any means from the earth.  Wright was friends with the head of the "Black Panthers" whose leader, Louis Farrakhan, openly called Barack Obama the "black Messiah"

although Barack is mulatto since his mother was white and his father was black.  His claim of racism is as false as he is.  It would be absurd to believe that anyone could sit under that hateful teaching for 20 years and not be influenced by it.   Also, there is no record of any kind that Barack or Michelle ever sought to refute Wright or James Cone or to deny the "messiah" designation of Louis Farrakhan who, since proclaiming Obama Messiah, has changed his story and cited his shortcomings and immense failures.  Click the link below for that story in video.  The second link uncovers James Cone's deceit.

There is also a lot of controversy over whether Barack Obama was/is a Muslim. I already know what I believe on this issue after extensive research, however I will leave it to the reader to discover that for themselves.  If those who read this can be fully objective in examining this they might come away thinking considerably different than they do now. The key is objectivity which is difficult for both liberal and conservative researchers or, should I say, those who claim to be conservative but are not or are ambivilent?  

The real issue with this is whether or not he was/is supportive of radical terrorists  who have savagely killed many innocent people including defenseless children and women.  It is reported that he has been instrumental in placing radical Muslims in offices of influence in our government including offices that deal with our national security.  It has also been reported that he was instrumental in getting weapons into the hands of American enemies. If that is true then he was/is a threat to our nation through those he left behind in office and due to his presence in America and potential influence on the liberal politicians still in our government.  That will require further research if my readers have any desire to find out the truth about that.  It will certainly come out in the near future if it is true.  I have prayed it would be exposed.  Update: his subversive activities continue as predicted.  

There are some videos available that deal with this subject and there are some quotes that sound as if he is actually promoting Islam even though he has made claims to be a Christian.  I can assure you that he is not a Christian based on the following things which can all be referenced online from news sources and from his own mouth as well as by his past and present activities.

1. Barack Obama was the only person who voted no to allow babies who survived abortion to receive assistance.  My opinion: If he is a Muslim then he thinks they are infidel babies and so unworthy of continuing in life.

Response: The 6th Chapter of Proverbs states; "God hates the shedding of innocent blood."  Nothing is more innocent than a baby in a mother's womb.

2. Barack Obama first denied and then gave his full support to the marriage of homosexuals and lesbians.

Response: The book of Leviticus names both sexual behaviors as abominations.Romans 1:26-28 calls them vile affections that which is against nature and the act of burning in lust toward someone.

3. Barack Obama has fully supported Planned Parenthood and so stands in favor of abortion even though abortion kills significantly more "black babies" than any others. You would think that as a "mulatto" he would want to preserve the lives of innocent black babies.  Killing them to get rid of the black race was the often proven intent of the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.

Response:  Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, openly confessed 

to her desire to do all she could to decrease or eliminate the black population.  She was no friend of any baby as her own words testify and hated blacks.  

4. Barack Obama stated in a video for all to see that the sweetest sound he has ever heard was/is The Muslim morning call to prayer.

Response: All Christians know that the sweetest sound to any genuine believer isthe name of Jesus Christ.