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The Early Years

Beverly Ann Bono was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in the spring of 1953 on May the twenty-second.  Her only older sibling was her brother Jerry. Her Father and Mother Al and Anna Mae Bono had  one more child in Cincinnati and it was a daughter who they named Rose Marie.

Beverly would walk to her grandparent's house a lot, and she stayed overnight there a lot with her best friend, Annette. They had tons of fun sleeping on the floor ( kind of like camping out ). Aunt Marilyn lived with her grandparents as well and was like a second mother to her.

Beverly was raised Catholic, and lived right behind the Catholic school as well as the church the family attended. She thought that was pretty neat!  In school she remembered having recess, and she and other schoolmates would play Tarzan and Jane and the Flintstones. She also took ballet lessons which she enjoyed very much!  She had her first communion in the second grade. Once  one of her teachers was getting married and so the teacher decided to have a contest. The girls 

had to write out the reason they would like to be a flower girl at the wedding. Beverly was chosen.  

It was a wonderful wedding!  At times Beverly and her grandparents would go to a chapel called Friarhurst. It was interesting to her because it was just a small chapel compared to the church and  

it was kind of an adventure to go there.  It's also interesting that in the same year John F. Kennedy was assassinated Beverly's grandmother died of Cancer.

About the time Beverly was in the third or fourth grade the family moved to Milford, Ohio which was about 17 miles from Cincinnati and about 15 minutes from where Bev lived previously. Two younger brothers, Michael and Tony were born there. On Sunday afternoons the family would go to Bev's Dad's parent's house. They usually had a light meal there.  Back home they would play hide and seek and kick the can. 

One of the fond memories was the times the family went to Coney Island and the Cincinnati Zoo together.  The family was close and did almost everything together, and aunt Marilyn would be 

there a lot as well.  Bev's Dad and Mom were careful in raising the children as they grew up until Bev's teen years.