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Do We Really Pray?

Much has been said about prayer, yet there has never been enough done about it.  I have often stated that prayer is the link to God that generates power in the saint much like an electric plant provides lighting for houses and business and buildings of all sorts.  When we plug into that power source light fills the room or office or dwelling place or business place but only after we turn on the switch.   If the switch is defective or the light bulb is burned out we have no light until we fix the switch or secure a new bulb.

Christians in this generation are like lights trying to shine brightly without being connected to the power source.  We mumble through our quick prayers as if God is a spiritual fast food provider for our souls.   For some Christians there is no serious meditation on what we are saying as we just throw God whatever crosses our minds.

There is no depth in us, and our lives reflect the inadequacy of our efforts to get and hold God’s attention.  We do not know how to wait on the Lord until we get through as the preachers of old taught, because we have become entangled in the world to the extent that we have no time for the prayer that moves the heart of God.  Our schedules do not allow time to spend hours and hours in the presence of God crying out with tears for the lost and dying all around us.

While prayer is our greatest weapon against the minions of Satan and all their wicked devices 

we have become shallow and innocuous in our praying.   I hear it all the time when a brother or sister in Christ prays thus: “Dear Jesus, bless my friend today, In Jesus Name, Amen.”   Another popular prayer is; “Dear Jesus; touch my sister today with your love.”  Then without a moments thought we saunter off with a sweet, winsome smile as if we did our job, not aware of how 

ineffective that prayer is. God meanwhile might well be waiting for us to tell him just what 

blessing we are asking or how is it that we want our brother or sister touched.  If it wasn’t for 

His great kindness, He would spurn such feeble, thoughtless, hurried and mundane praying.

We must pray specifically and with passion if we are to see the church and the world turn around. 

I don’t like sample prayers, but I will give an example of one that I have prayed for someone who is outside of Christ and ignores His call to repent and be saved. I prayed, “Dear Lord, I pray in the name of Jesus that you will do whatever you must to help my friend see his spiritual blindness. If 

it is necessary to hang him over the pit of Hell so he can see where he is headed, God, please 

do it. Lord no matter what it takes, be the Hound of Heaven on his trail. Give him no rest day or 

night until he cries out for salvation, and then Lord please use him as an anointed servant 

yielded to the direction of the Holy Spirit to reach others who are lost and without hope as he is now. I will not pray and insult you by not believing since you have promised that any prayer offered in your Son’s name will be answered. I do ask in Jesus Name and for His glory that you grant this request.  Lord have mercy on my friend. In Jesus Name, Amen.”  The purpose of this example is to spur us on to greater heights in prayer than we are accustomed to.

True, prevailing prayer is the most powerful and the most neglected ministry in the 

church today.  From the pulpit to the pew and beyond there is lack of staying power in our 

prayer. Further we do not allow God to get a word in. We pray and unload our burdens and get 

up and leave before God has a chance to speak to us. Servants of God who really moved the world were prayer warriors. They understood that they held the key to power and moving the 

hand of God. They were as serious as serious can get, and would not accept no for an answer 

from God. They knew they would encounter strong resistance from the devil and his angels and would incur the wrath of Hell, and they entered the prayer closet knowing it was a battlefield 

where much hung in the balance. They entered fearlessly knowing that the Lord of the battle 

had already promised them a victory, and that they would conquer in the name of Jesus Christ.

They even talked to the devil and let him know where he stood in relation to Christ and to those 

who believed what Christ taught with all their heart and soul and mind and strength.

I remember once that I knelt to prayer in a hotel room, and suddenly my mind was flooded with sexual thoughts to the extent that I could not offer one word of prayer. I wanted desperately to pray, so I got off the floor and opened the window to my hotel room and told the devil that I was ordering him to leave and take his vile thoughts with him in the name of Jesus Christ. Then I quickly slammed the window shut as if to keep him out. From that moment through the rest of 

the time I prayed there was not an iota of interference. Oh the power of the name of Jesus!

I remember other times when I was in a room with a demon possessed person, and a number 

of Christians gathered around the individual and began to bind the devil in the name of Jesus to deliver them from that bondage. In one case the girl had so many demons that even though 

some left others would not, and we had to give up the deliverance for the time being. Another 

young man came to an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program, and would walk the halls at 

night pounding on the walls and screaming. Four of us who were big and strong held his arms 

and legs and began binding the spirits that possessed him. Finally there was a release and the demons left. A short time after that the young man invited them to return to him and we had to dismiss him from the program because we could no longer do anything for him.

Oh dear Christians, let us cease this foolhardy praying that falls so short of what God has called 

us to do. Millions of souls are dependent on it. What will we say in eternity as relatives, friends 

and other acquaintances pass before us in judgment and ask why we took our praying so lightly. 

We must commit ourselves to earnestly beseech God to resurrect our prayer life or to institute in 

us a powerful ability and desire to pray as we should for the sake of others and the glory of God. 

We have at our disposal the greatest weapon ever given to anyone and we shall give an account for how we use it or abuse it.  Nothing should keep us from prayer that is led by the 

Spirit and anointed by God to achieve His purposes and deliver the blind from their captivity..  

Praying with passion, power and purpose will get the desired results. 

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