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Three Books

Six articles about God, Seven articles  about Jesus Christ and ten Character studies of men in both the Old and New Testaments.

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Glossy Covers and some colorful content created for readers by C R Lord.  This book would look great on a coffee table, church office desk or home office.  The gospel tract including in the book is a great tool for leading others to Christ whether in your home or in a classroom setting or in any place you do evanglism.  (105 Pages)

and A Gospel Tract

A staight shooting gospel message that can be used anywhere to speak to anyone about sin, salvation and eternal life.

The Non-Offensive Church

This is a book written to challenge the thinking of Christians regarding what they say they believe as opposed to what their words and actions show.  It's a call for honesty because the world needs to hear an undiluted message of salvation and Christian living.

46 Pages To Help Those Who Can Receive It. 

This is standard 6 x 9 book with a Matte finish.  Gentle to the touch with a nice texture on the covers.

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This is for the lay person.  It's not any high minded presentation but simple enough to reach anyone reading it. 

The Holy Bible with perspective and studies from a variety of books and single verses

This book presents the perspective of the author about what he believes is the best considerations when studying the Bible.  Additionally this book includes studies of various books and a feature called "What's In A Verse," a concept to help students of scripture to get the most out of a single verse in the Bible.

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Go to Amazon and preview the book before making a final decision on whether to add it to your library.  God bless you all!  This book is available in kindle and paperback.

The Author's Premise

As shown below, the best way to know someone is to invest time in being with them and in God's case, investing time in his word because the heart of an author is in his writing.

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