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The Christian Life And Character Of The 

Civil Institutions Of The United States

While America was not born a theocracy and has never been a theocracy, the facts remain that this nation began first with a "Christian Life and Character" made obvious by the fact that America's Declaration of Independence spoke of nature's God    and citizens being endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.  It doesn't require a college education to understand that the God referenced is the God of the Bible since the original settlers were Pilgrims.

The Bible has been the most influential book in American history through all the years of our existence.  Speaking of 

our founders, Benjamin F. Morris wrote in 1853, "They understood that true religion, Christianity, virtue and liberty are  inseparably united, and that liberty cannot be long preserved in the absence of virtue among the people and 

federal representatives ."  The constant and unrelenting attacks of anti-God people in our generation and the massive and unrelenting encroachment of evil pervasive in all venues of our society confirms the words of this wise man. The destructive direction we have embraced could only bring increasing perversion of our founder's intentions and would have been the eventual destruction of our Republic.  Thank 

God that the brakes have been put on.                                


The Christians Of America And Dereliction Of Duty 

What Happened To Christians Is Telling

Christianity produced freedom in the West and America and has been attacked by secularists which is to be expected, but neglect by Bible-believing Christians to defend this heritage that is vital to our existence as a nation is a disaster of enormous proportions.  It has caused America to neglect God's counsel and the citizens to slide into a plethora of ungodliness beyond anyone's wildest dreams.  Our nation has violated God's laws and because God's 
bountiful mercy has not yet judged America we have continued in debauchery surpassing that of any time in our history. 

It seem as though we have long forgotten the fear of God both in and separate from Christian life.  We have come to murder our own children like the heathen nations of old and legislated immorality in redefining God's established order for marriage and family. It seemed as if people had given up on what began as a glorious experiment and allowed themselves to be subjected to every sort of evil by nefarious men and women with little to no resistance from what constitutes the majority of Americans.  We were in a ever widening sink hole of ungodliness and the endless width and depth of depravity seemed to engulf decency everywhere.  Then God stepped in and said enough is enough! 

A world cabal composed of wicked and unscrupulous men and women holding positions of influence and great authority was uncovered.  They had succeeded for decades in their devious machinations in their evil quest for world dominion.  There were government leaders in America and around the world who conceived a plan to strip America of her power and influence.  They talked openly about a "New World Order" but when someone outside their group mentioned that such a conspiracy existed they would mock them and call them conspiracy theorists.  American citizens and people all over the world blindly agreed with their claims and so the discontent and discovery of their plans were stifled for decades. 

The God who gave freedom to America aroused patriots from sleep and sent candidate Donald J. Trump to put an end to their dominance over America and they were brought face to face with reality as he stood firmly against what they planned.  This was the first key to turning the tide of evil worldwide and those evil people found their empire crumbling and they hated him.  God made it clear that he was not going to allow world domination at that time in history. 

Donald Trump soon became president, and backed by the military intelligence agencies began the process of reversing the planned destruction of our once great nation.  This president was the catalyst to the restoration and of "Making America Great Again."  President Trump was just one part of the trilogy formed. Patriots determined to win began to grow in numbers joining the President.

The President joined another part of the trilogy which was in place and came to be known as Q or qanon - the scourge against the cabal seeking world dominion and heroes who were willing to die to preserve our Free American Republic!

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